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Composable Finance appoints Jeffrey Smith as Global General Counsel and Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Composable Finance is excited to announce the recent appointment of Jeffrey Smith as its Global General Counsel (GC) and Chief Compliance & Risk Officer (CCRO). Jeffrey Smith has strategically advised cutting-edge technology companies from startup to maturity and is well equipped to handle the rapid technological evolutions within the blockchain space. Jeffrey brings with him decades of experience and deep expertise in the financial services and securities space. As our GC and CCRO, Jeffrey is best positioned to handle the legal, compliance and risk challenges of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Pragmatism in innovation

Composable’s vision is focused on providing an interoperable infrastructure for modular DeFi functionality. Innovators building using Composable’s cross-chain tech stack can surmount the challenge of siloed blockchains and avoid the zero-sum competition between ecosystems they necessitate.

As an entity focused on creating robust modular applications for interoperable DeFi with security, Composable is rightly positioned to enable traditional finance (TradFi) investors to access the opportunities available in DeFi. As such, Composable is at the forefront of not only blockchain innovation but legal, compliance and risk innovation as well. To this end, Jeffrey will serve as an ideal leader to help our team navigate our future in this evolving space. Composable is open to working with regulators and lawmakers where applicable to achieve the best outcomes to enable greater DeFi adoption. This appointment will serve as a milestone to that end.

A seasoned leader, with a special interest in DeFi

Jeffrey has specialized experience spanning the different dimensions of finance across securities law, financial regulation, digital assets, DeFi, compliance, risk, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, anti-money laundering, and more than 23 years of deep experience in the law covering all aspects of business and finance. His domain knowledge and years of real legal experience have enabled him to build a successful digital asset, DeFi, cryptocurrency, securities and financial law practice. Jeffrey has advised a range of clients across the different dimensions of DeFi, such as liquidity management, smart contracts, regulatory compliance, initial coin offerings (ICOs), DAOs, and more.

Jeffrey has deep familiarity with novel technology companies like Composable and has experience from the startup stage to liquidity events. Smith has served as head of legal and compliance for many well-established companies and funds in the finance and digital assets space, worked in the Director of Enforcement’s Office at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and as Investigative Counsel at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. This was the same financial crisis that inspired the creation of the first blockchain and Bitcoin.

“I feel very privileged and am so excited to join one of the most remarkable and leading teams of global experts in the DeFi and blockchain space that is reshaping and revolutionizing the entire world of finance.”

Jeffrey Smith, Global GC and CCRO

“We are delighted to welcome Jeffrey as our Global GC and CCRO, to advise and inform our innovation to be scalable and compliant. As we work towards ultimate modular functionality, our true aim is to propel mainstream use and it must also be done in the ways that can achieve true adoption in its entirety. Aside from helping us bridge the gap between traditional finance and our innovations in Web3, our General Counsel and Chief Compliance & Risk Officer will play a critical part in developing our robust and growing team to achieve new heights whilst being aware of the sensitivities that currently exist in prior markets and ongoing regulations that can affect our community and supporters.”

0xBrainjar, CEO and Founder

Composable seeks to create a better future with the power of DeFi

The future of DeFi is one that is able to retain its decentralized and permissionless nature to put the incentives of consumers first while incorporating the robust protections developed by TradFi. Composable’s goal is not to run away from regulation but embrace it. As DeFi continues to evolve, we aim to involve the consumer protections and security necessary for greater DeFi adoption and institutional investment. In short, this announcement is a step towards greater confidence in our innovations as we edge closer to bridging the gap between traditional markets and the ones of the future.

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