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Composable Finance on pace with 3m Polkadot contributed

Composable Finance is on pace with over 3 million DOT contributions from our supporters as we prepare for the next round of securing a Polkadot Parachain in our ongoing crowdloan campaign. With the next round of auctions commencing on December 23, we are not waiting. “Ship or Die” is part of our core ethos instilled in us by 0xbrainjar, our founder and head of product. As we did it before, we can secure a parachain again with your help as we continue our mission of becoming the face of DeFi’s future.

To encourage our unrelenting community of supporters, we rolled out our crowdloan with enticing bonuses, covering both DOT and ERC-20 stablecoins contributors. 12% of our LAYR token supply is up for grabs for our crowdloan contributors, and users stand a chance to win a 20% referral bonus for 1000 DOT contributions using our referral codes.

Added to our regular bonus, we recently announced an additional bonus if you contribute through Parallel Finance, one of our crowdloan partners. Simply use our referral link on Parallel Finance to receive an additional 2.5% referral bonus alongside the standard 5% referral bonus, summing up to a total of 7.5% on all DOT contributions to our crowdloan.

This comes in addition to already existing rewards issued to our crowdloan contributors.

For us at Composable, our vision revolves around ushering a fully interoperable ecosystem where DeFi developers and end-users flourish in a blockchain agnostic environment to meet their needs. As outlined by our head of product, cross-chain interoperability in DeFi is not just a singular, finite concept capable of being resolved instantaneously with the establishment of just cross-chain bridges. Rather, interoperability should be viewed as a continuum, beginning with the most basic level of cross-chain transfers and expanding all the way to chain-agnostic behaviours. This is what we eat, live, and breathe at Composable Finance.

Let’s cross the finish line together

We received tremendous support during the Kusama parachain auction which helped us realize Picasso — the finality layer for our thriving Kusama ecosystem. Securing the Composable Parachain is the next step on our path to achieving our blockchain-agnostic vision for DeFi.

We appreciate the unrelenting support from our contributors and community who are constantly edging us to the pinnacle of our vision, and we cannot wait to bring to life a DeFi future of unhinged creativity and innovation propelled by seamless cross-chain communication.

Help us remain at the top! Join the winning team and contribute to the Composable crowdloan as we make our way to become the face of DeFi’s future.

Our crowdloan event is not just open to DOT holders as contributions can be made using ERC-20 stablecoins. Learn how you can support our work and earn rewards! Follow our guide on how to contribute to the Composable crowdloan using stablecoins here.

Contribute now:

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, be sure to follow our socials:

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