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Composable Finance: The Universal Gateway for DeFi

Any Money | Any Chain | Anywhere

❌ Ecosystem DeFi v.s. ✅ Holistic Cross-Ecosystem DeFi

Historically, change is driven not by improved results, but through improved experiences. To improve the DeFi experience, holistic cross-ecosystem DeFi is important. Key services across DeFi should be combined to build a global financial system capable of supporting billions of users and trillions in TVL. Users and developers should not be compelled to choose one ecosystem over the other, thereby limiting mass appeal. DeFi should ease the transition for the builders of previous versions of the internet, largely through improved interoperability and UI/UX.

Inclusive DeFi x TradFi

Regarding another controversial issue, I believe DeFi is not set to replace TradFi/CeFi, but rather to augment it and expand its reach, transparency, and functionality. Unless something is completely broken, you don’t throw away all of the work and start from scratch but rather you improve the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. I firmly believe we should take the same approach to DeFi x TradFi, and this vision should be clearly communicated to TradFi participants.

Codification v.s. Decentralization

The Origin of DeFi from a Global Perspective

The early goal of DeFi was to create a novel decentralized banking system that is globally accessible, transparent, and free from censorship or counterparty risk. A key component of this is being permissionless, allowing anyone from anywhere regardless of socioeconomic status to participate, contribute, and utilize these services.

The Opportunity: the JIO effect of Crypto

The impact of accessing a widespread, global user base has yet to be discovered. Onboarding new users, including many from the vast ‘unbanked’ community, could have a revolutionary growth effect. I foresee the next billion users serviced by the next trillion in TVL provided with the next generation of cross-ecosystem financial services. Composable Finance is building this vision into a reality, generalizing both the technology and the potential for global users.

Composable: the Universal Gateway to DeFi

I often come across many parties asking how to get started in DeFi. Many assume the universal onramp is a wallet, but I believe that mass adoption and stickiness of participants require infrastructure with a holistic suite of tools. This is what we are building at Composable, so that anyone, anywhere, can access any money and execute any function on any chain.

Any Money, Any Chain, Anywhere

If Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation of Bitcoin marked the first step in realizing the ultimate vision of DeFi, then Composable’s plan to enable the use of any money on any chain is the next revolutionary step in realizing this vision. Capitalizing upon the contributions of every person and project involved along the way, Composable’s infrastructure aims to deliver a limitlessly interoperable and user-friendly DeFi industry. As a result, DeFi can appeal to all, incentivizing organizations and institutions to integrate with crypto to meet user demands.



Composable Finance is building the interoperable infrastructure for modular DeFi.

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