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Composable x Crocswap

Enabling the Crocswap DEX 2.0 with Mosaic’s cross-chain capabilities

Composable Finance announces an expansion of its ecosystem with the addition of the Crocswap DEX. Composable Labs had earlier issued a grant to Crocswap to help develop its DEX 2.0 model. As a result, we are now working on building integration with Mosaic and augmenting the DEX with Mosaic’s cross-chain capabilities. This will further unlock new access for users that seek to utilize the Crocswap DEX 2.0 across different chains and layers. Through Mosaic’s functionality, Composable’s transfer availability layer will allow Crocswap to serve as a liquidity source for users who are bridging their tokens. Composable’s vision of ecosystem-agnostic functionality across DeFi continues to advance.

Enhancing Crocswap’s DEX capabilities with Mosaic

Composable’s collaboration with Crocswap will position the DEX as a concentrated source of liquidity for bridging with Mosaic. Crocswap runs its entire DEX in a single, smart contract. As such, the integration will enable the DEX to gain additional revenue on its TVL, as all the collateral is managed in a single location. With Crocswap positioned as an open-source concentrated liquidity AMM DEX protocol, users will enjoy its usability without shuffling tokens between pools. On the other hand, Composable is on track to releasing Mosaic Phase 2 poised in February, giving users additional unique ability to earn strong yields in return for providing liquidity to the cross-layer asset transferal system’s single-sided vaults. Liquidity providers (LPs) will also earn fees from users transferring tokens via Mosaic, while simultaneously enjoying lower gas fees from the Crocswap AMM.

Mosaic is a cross-chain liquidity layer and asset transferal solution. Composable’s integration of Mosaic with Crocswap will provide Crocswap additional access to liquidity transfer across various L2s. By virtue of Mosaic’s design, its collaboration with Crocswap will enable access to greater TVL for single-sided liquidity provision. Hence users who provide liquidity in single-sided vaults, especially stablecoins and wETH, can earn attractive yields. Leveraging its interoperability tech stack, Composable could further deploy Crocswap across chains and layers giving it the capability to evolve into an interchain AMM.

About Crocswap

CrocSwap is an open-source concentrated liquidity AMM and DEX protocol developed by Crocodile Labs. With the use of innovative single-contract architecture, CrocSwap aims to reduce gas costs and tax burdens while simultaneously providing concentrated liquidity to multi-chains. With Crocswap, users can easily manage collateral in one spot while providing liquidity through pools.

About Mosaic

The Mosaic cross-chain liquidity layer uses advanced liquidity management and Just-in-Time (JIT) liquidity bots to leverage a network of existing bridging infrastructure. As a result, it creates a next-generation chain-and-layer-agnostic asset transferal system that guarantees transfers, employs dynamic fees and efficiently rebalances itself, ensuring scalable liquidity at all times.

Composable Finance has officially announced Mosaic Phase 2, introducing three paradigm modules that position it to become the absolute cross-chain liquidity layer that keeps pace with the increasing demand and volume of cross-chain DeFi transactions. Mosaic’s dynamic fee model, passive liquidity allocation module and active management of liquidity have been built to further unlock and guarantee cross-chain transferral possibilities.


At Composable, we are looking to build a future where DeFi primitives can build solutions in a blockchain agnostic environment and look forward to more collaborations like the one with Crocswap. We see a future where Crocswap and similar solutions can communicate and perform swaps natively on Mosaic. Mosaic will then be the first cross-chain AMM utilizing Composable’s SDK. Composable is excited about the future, and the team believes this collaborative effort with Crocswap will transcend to significant growth and further help achieve Composable’s blockchain agnostic vision for the DeFi ecosystem

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

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