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Composable x IndexZoo

Powering cross-layer crypto indexes with Mosaic

Composable Finance is proud to be integrating with IndexZoo to enable cross-layer crypto indexes powered by Mosaic. As a permissionless decentralized crypto asset management platform, Mosaic’s integration with IndexZoo will provide the latter with easy access to transfer liquidity across various L2s to trade their unique products. IndexZoo will leverage the Mosaic bridge for asset transfer and cross-chain tooling across ETH, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Moonriver, Arbitrum, and more layers that Mosaic supports.

Mosaic is Composable’s cross-layer asset transferral system and consists of a network of bridges powered by advanced liquidity management and bots. Already on track for Phase 2, Mosaic’s core features include dynamic fee model, passive liquidity allocation, and active management. IndexZoo’s integration of Mosaic will expand the benefits of the tokenized index through the cross-chain expansion to EVM ecosystems helping to drive more liquidity required for seamless trading of indexes.

Expanding the reach of indexes through cross-layer transfers

IndexZoo aspires to become the standard for trading indexes with leverage across all chains. This can be achieved by utilising Mosaic, a fundamental liquidity layer of Composable’s tech stack that ensures cross-chain, cross-layer asset transfers are executed on orders of immense volume.

Mosaic will be able to support users who wish to enter the IndexZoo ecosystem from several EVM chains; with their initial launch on Ethereum mainnet, Mosaic enables widened accessibility to liquidity from L2s such as Polygon and Avalanche’s C-Chain for trading in the Zoo.

Thanks to Mosaic’s infrastructure, index traders can maximize their trading experience with the benefit of the Mosaic bridging to the different chains with the opportunity of low-fees and efficient transaction times. Equally, the threshold of the number of transferals has been maximized, giving users more transactions and fewer fees using Mosaic. Moving forward, the integration of Mosaic allows IndexZoo to leverage other features such as cross-layer function calls.

About IndexZoo

IndexZoo presents tokenized indices that give users the option to long or short with leverage exposure to any basket of cryptocurrencies. With IndexZoo’s custodial-less, debt-less, and permission-less: ETF Tokens users’ wallet, traders can leverage through margin trading that does not require a debt position. Anyone can create a portfolio with desired allocation and leverage.

It’s product tracks crypto market volatility directly through options contracts and allows users to gain long exposure by simply buying the Fear token. Furthermore, IndexZoo plans on adding other products in the future.

About Mosaic

Mosaic is Composable’s liquidity layer and asset transferal system unifying several EVM-compatible scaling solutions. It aims to ensure adequate liquidity provisioning across the siloed DeFi ecosystem, reducing high costs and transaction times from moving between different layers and chains. Composable is expanding its cross-chain liquidity layer system with the imminent launch of Phase 2 of Mosaic with prominent features such as dynamic fee model, passive liquidity allocation and active management.

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

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