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Dev Log #13

Following on from our previous Dev Logs #12, our team continues to build at full steam ahead with our focus unchanged. The Picasso and Pablo team are finalizing the audits and testing ahead of launch, the bridging team is making the last adjustments in order for the IBC KSM<>Bridge, and the XCVM team is wrapping up their work as they prepare for the CosmoVerse demo next week.


We continue to make progress in terms of our ongoing audits with Halborn, with a few minor fixes required across the bulk of our pallets required for launch. Our other two pallets, staking-rewards, and fNFT are approaching final audits. As our design team has successfully finalized the rebranding of Pablo, the FE devs are now approaching the completion of the updated implementation. Product and QA will aim to fully sign off the latest tests for Pablo swaps, pools, auctions, and overview by next week, further priming these features for launch. Thereafter, once staking-rewards and fNFT are passed from audits, we also hope to sign these off in our test environments. All of our efforts describe our preparations to sign off internally all Pablo and Picasso feature hopefully by the end of October.

The bulk of the additional focus is on the integration work around the IBC KSM<>DOT bridge. As mentioned previously, we will leverage this bridge as our main source of liquidity for the launch of Picasso and Pablo. Hence, the Substrate team is working alongside the Bridging devs to build and validate all appropriate test suites, as detailed further below.


Halborn has begun the audit for our implementation of IBC-rs. This is the rust implementation of the IBC protocol. Additionally, we are nearly done writing integration tests for Pallet-IBC, which will also be audited by Halborn afterward. Pallet-IBC will enable Picasso parachain to connect to other IBC-enabled networks. Our Hyperspace relayer is also nearing completion, pending additional integration testing.

With these components in place, we are getting ready to launch our KSM<>DOT IBC bridge to the Rococo testnet. The next couple of weeks will be a sprint to get two testnet parachains launched and connected through IBC. We will then thoroughly test token transfers between these two chains.

For connecting parachains to the Cosmos, we have been working with Strangelove to develop a WASM light client, with the goal of upstreaming this into IBC-Go. The benefits of this WASM light client will enable adopting chains to upgrade their IBC channels with simple CosmWasm smart contract upgrades. Without the WASM light client, chains would have to wait for governance proposals and chain upgrades from all connected networks to upgrade their own IBC clients and channels. The WASM light client will not only enable Composable and Picasso to connect to Cosmos, but it will also enable Cosmos to increase its developer velocity and flexibility.


For the last few weeks, the XCVM team has been focused on the CosmoVerse demo, where we will be showcasing our cross-ecosystem interface. In this front end, our top-level orchestration infrastructure will be introduced to users and will expand the XCVM reach to the Cosmos ecosystem. We thus believe that we have realized our goal of architecting and building this interface into reality, including a high-performing CosmWasm VM pallet and set of contracts, relayer architecture, and support, and a fully live data-integrated frontend designed to enhance the optimal cross-chain developer experience.

Join us and stay updated on the latest developments in our upcoming events at Cosmoverse, featuring a presentation by our founder, 0xBrainjar, and a subsequent demo by our tech lead, Hussein, and our senior front-end dev Joon this Monday, September 26, 2022. The duo will be revealing our process and mindset behind XCVM, our end-to-end backend structure, and display in real-time events and transactions orchestrating a cross-chain (Picasso<>Juno) swap protocol, connecting the Kusama and Cosmos ecosystems.

Also, we have two more upcoming events. Join us next Tuesday, September 29, 2022, in Medellín at Unchained & Chill: Party with Picasso, where we will share with you more details about XCVM including a second demo, our next milestones, and much more! Later on October 1, 2022, we will also be holding a dev workshop featuring CosmWasm where we will dive into the execution model of XCVM, our pallets, and contracts, explore more XCVM use cases, such as a lending program, and finally build up and execute custom contracts on our CosmWasm VM pallet.

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future and composing DeFi for mass adoption, check out our socials:

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Disclaimer: This material is not an offer or invitation to purchase any tokens or security from Composable Finance and any of its affiliated entities or projects. This material provides an update on the development of the abovementioned projects and may contain “forward-looking statements,” including hypothetical or future-looking statements, estimates, projections and targets or goals. Actual future results and operations could vary from any forward-looking statements in this material and no representation or warranty is made that the assumptions upon which any enclosed forward-looking statements are based may be reasonable or guaranteed. Similarly, no warranty or representation (whether express or implied) is made with regard to the accuracy, adequacy, reliability, or completeness of any opinion, estimates, statements or other information contained herein. Any and all information in this material provided is for general information purposes only, and should not be taken as legal, tax, business or investment advice.



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