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Dev Log #16

Welcome to our bi-weekly community dev log. After a successful initiation of Picasso’s launch sequence, the entire team is now focussed on ensuring the phased release continues with significant progress being made by our bridging team and other core areas such as the XCVM and our smart cross-chain smart contract tooling interface, CosmWasm VM. Before we delve in, our CTO has a personal note to the community.

CTO’s Note:

Our team has been working non-stop to ensure we can deliver a successful phased launch, which has some of the best rewards for the crowdloaners. Our team continued to work through Thanksgiving and other holidays so as to be able to meet internal deadlines that resulted in the public commencement of Picasso’s phased launch.

With novel features constantly being architected by the team’s creative efforts, we have made sure to design Pablo’s frontend to be as intuitive as ever to meet the community’s need to interact with a smooth DEX.

It is our hope that we continue to deliver useful solutions that do not compromise the core ethos of decentralization and security. Our team will continue to push through and set things in place to ensure we deliver on further releases. We appreciate your continued support and feedback.

Picasso and Pablo

Picasso successfully commenced its launch sequence with Release 1 well underway. The team is now focussed on further development with Release 2 targeted by mid-December. As Release 2 is focussed on launching Pablo DEX, the team has finalized the refactoring of Pablo’s Constant Product pools. This is to ensure better fee management and gas efficiency for users. We expect to move forward with an audit of the constant product pools by next week, although a partial audit has already commenced with short feedback cycles between us and the Halborn team.

To deliver a smooth onboarding experience for Picasso and Pablo users, the team has continued with tuning UI changes. Work is currently being done to add more wallet support to make Pablo accessible. Audit for CHAOS fNFTs and staking functionality on Pablo has now been completed with direct integrations targeted to commence after Release 2. The team is now commencing the specification stage for collator staking and veGovernance on Picasso. For concentrated liquidity pools on Pablo, it has exited the proof of concept (PoC) stage. The team is now targeting to get the development of the pools in Release 4 and 5 while on-chain is targeted around Release 5 and 6.


The bridging team continues to make good progress as the DOT/KSM bridge, with testnet now in a functional state (integration tests passing). This is a significant milestone as this not only represents the first time the IBC is being utilized to bridge assets outside the native Cosmos ecosystem, the DOT/KSM bridge allows for the implementation of $DOT as base asset on Pablo DEX with incentivized pools for driving liquidity into Picasso and keeping the experimentation ethos of Kusama going. With DOT/KSM testnet now live using IBC for trustless bridging, the team is now commencing preparations for the Cosmos-DOT public testnet with a further announcement expected to be released shortly.

The team continues to make progress on our Hyperspace relayer. Centauri’s Hyperspace relayer is a chain-agnostic Rust implementation of an IBC-compatible relayer and will serve as a cornerstone of IBC’s expansion beyond the Cosmos ecosystem. Our bridging team is working closely with Straneglove on this for delivery.

With respect to the in-progress IBC bridge with NEAR, as discussed in our previous dev log, we continue our close communication with the NEAR core devs furthering our collaborations on NEP-384 to enable us to add a host function for fetching block hashes in contract runtime.


The team has now finalized Cw-orchestrate and is now focussed on the CosmWasm book. With attention centered on the CosmWasm book, we are expecting publication and release latest by 10th December. Our full VM specification is expected to be published end of next week.

The team has now completed the development of the CosmWasm VM which is now going into the audit stage. Our CosmwasmVM is a full Rust, no_std implementation, which allows us to:

  • Embed it in a pallet.
  • Run it in the browser.
  • Deploy as a NEAR contract.
  • Compile to eBPF.

We’ll be publishing benchmarks as well. Currently, it is beating the canonical Cosmos VM in performance already.


With significant progress already made by our tireless XCVM team, more progress has now been made as the Ethereum contract set is almost complete. The other contracts that have been previously covered in past dev logs are now going into audit.


Shipping season has finally started for Composable. We’re expecting to release new products and improvements every 4 weeks for the next year(s).

Legal Disclosures & Disclaimers:

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Composable Finance is building the interoperable infrastructure for modular DeFi.

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