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Introducing Composable Research

We envision Composable Finance orchestrating and composing DeFi primitives for the purpose of abstracting user experiences and enabling mass adoption. To meet this vision, we must address a variety of challenges faced by end-users and developers. Throughout its history, Composable Finance has fostered innovative research-based solutions. We are able to develop value-added DeFi primitives and products because of our building approach which includes in-depth research to uncover hidden opportunities and inefficiencies.

We are launching Composable Research to accelerate and improve our process of building, educating, and promoting Web3. In addition to building, we are committed to maximizing our value as an organization and ecosystem partner by contributing and collaborating in research on Web3 adoption and improvement. As an organization, Composable Research aims to focus on long-term critical issues that will have a profound impact on the sustainability of DeFi. Some challenges the blockchain space faces cannot be cracked immediately but warrant investigation through intellectual rigor.

In hindsight, these may seem like clear linear developments but instead require the overlap of diverse expertise and contributions. Many features of DeFi that are considered normative today, like L2 rollups as a scaling solution, were not within DeFi’s zeitgeist years ago. They were developed through years of extensive research, theory, and continuous iterations on the challenges of scaling the sector. Similarly, the current automated market maker (AMM) models decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have adopted today evolved from order-book matching, which originally proved inefficient. Composable Research aims to make similar contributions to provide a foundation for what will be a reality in the future.

How Composable Research creates impact

Composable Research demonstrates our resolve as a sustainable solution pathfinder with cross-domain expertise in Mathematics, Cryptography, and Blockchains. Composable Research’s work will inform Composable’s future roadmap and help ensure it remains at the forefront of innovations addressing consumer needs.

There are areas within DeFi where solutions remain primarily theoretical. Scalable and modular smart contract execution is one such area that Composable Research will continue to dive into. Due to the specifics of blockchain infrastructures, such as parachains on Polkadot or light clients on IBC, smart contracts can be challenging to scale. Solutions that attempt to reduce or divide smart contracts into smaller parts by including only relevant sections in block formation only allow for a linear growth scale. However, evidence indicates that zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs can enable exponential increases in the scalability of smart contracts across chains. How this will happen, however, remains unclear, and this is one such area Composable Research will focus on. This serves as an example of the types of challenges that Composable Research will work on.

How Composable Research operates

Composable Research performs in-depth research to define answers to difficult problems, reveal hidden opportunities, and create sustainable alternatives to inefficiencies in the DeFi space. It places Composable’s value as a technically sophisticated organization and ecosystem partner into focus through collaboration on research for the betterment of Web3.

In its capacity as our internal research division and think tank, Composable Research will publish work at the technological sophistication level of senior developers and academics. By publishing whitepapers, collaborating with other teams and groups, and contributing to journals and conferences, Composable Research will move toward solving long-term challenges inch by inch.

In addition, our efforts will continue to support other research and knowledge-sharing initiatives. In the past year, Composable led a blockchain camp for students at Valencia University and was a partner and sponsor for a gathering centered on blockchain technology at the University of Cambridge. Composable’s inaugural conference unchained brought together some of the most senior cryptographers, researchers and thought leaders to delve into discourse unpacking the future of various themes related to DeFi including MEV, Trustless Bridging and Privacy. Composable Research will continue to expand on the existing endeavors of the team and is already exploring partnerships with university campus initiatives. Additionally, Composable Research will develop and deploy an in-house library, similar to the Web3 foundation’s research library. It will highlight our work and act as a collaborative space for creative innovators and thought leaders who seek to expand their knowledge horizons.

Meet Composable Research

Karel, CTO of Composable Finance

“Using ZK proofs to better scale smart contract execution is just one clear use case of a problem Composable Research can work on. Composable Research aims to look to those long-term unsolvable problems that will really define the future of DeFi and require the efforts of DeFi’s builders. Those impassable challenges are the ones we want to make an impact on.”

CTO of Composable Finance, Karel will lead Composable Research, leveraging his deep expertise in mathematics and engineering to expand the horizons of DeFi.

Antonio, Cryptography Lead and Head of Composable Research

“At their core, blockchains are math. The need to address the challenges posed by algorithms and cryptography through mathematical and scientific theory is a necessary component of DeFi’s future. It rests at the heart of what Composable Research seeks to accomplish.”

Antonio is an accomplished developer who is well-credentialed in Mathematics, Cryptography, and Blockchains. His experience spans multiple years in the DeFi sector. He has also been published in multiple journals and has authored several whitepapers.

Future-proofing DeFi through cutting-edge research

Composable Research aims to utilize its cross-domain expertise to make meaningful research and theoretical contributions to DeFi’s most difficult challenges. In doing so, it will position Composable as the industry’s leading pioneer in developing technologies that will define DeFi at large for years to come. Therefore, Composable Research’s work will inform the direction of the product roadmap and how Composable spearheads innovation and will have a broader impact on mathematical and cryptographic issues core to DeFi. As Composable Research progresses, we aim for the papers and findings it publishes to be leveraged by builders to chisel away at DeFi’s most seemingly insurmountable problems.

For those interested in collaborating with Composable Finance and our research efforts can reach the team with their enquiry or suggestions via Discord and Twitter.

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