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Notes from the Composable Team

At Composable Finance, we continue to push the boundary of innovation in DeFi to further establish ourselves as an industry leader in product, culture, and organization. As we consolidate our efforts across the board, we believe that our organization will be able to grow efficiently and innovate hence why we recently gathered our department Leads in Porto, Portugal, which will soon be the new home of Composable Finance.

In the past few months, our team has gathered worldwide to meet innovation leaders across various ecosystems, presenting our philosophy, demos, and innovations at several conferences. We recently hosted our cross-ecosystem conference, Unchained, in Berlin. Beyond Unchained, here are other notable events which the Composable team attended, sharing its vision.

  • ETH Amsterdam
  • Gateway to Cosmos, Prague in May
  • Wasm Conference in May
  • DCentral Austin in June
  • Osmocon Austin in June
  • Consensus 2022 in June
  • Unchained on 1st July
  • ParisDOT in July

Beyond events, our outreach work has continued to grow and take roots and we will be announcing some exciting partnerships with the aim to nurture new innovators and developers in the cross-chain space. The following are notes from the core team members of Composable Finance.

0xbrainjar, Founder & CEO

‘Our team has been busy ensuring that the grounds are ready to actualize our vision for modular functionality. In practice, the XCVM marries together some of the most powerful parts of siloed infrastructures, and independent ecosystems and unifies them seamlessly through CosmWasm, a beautiful framework for smart contracting. XCVM takes smart contracting plus interoperability and that results in composability. Our team continues to build and expand despite the ongoing market conditions, and I am forever grateful to our community, supporters, and investors who continue to believe in the tech that we are pioneering and our vision for composing DeFi for mass adoption.’

Marti, Head of HR

‘We continue to expand our team with seasoned experts from across the board that can fuel the future we are collectively building. Composable’s mission demands that we attract some of the best budding minds to build together, those that are willing to think creatively and critically. In the last quarter, we have grown the team by 25%, attracting people from across the world, including those that previously spearheaded impacting innovations in their respective companies and ecosystems. Composable is fast becoming recognized as the home of cross-chain leaders, and we are delighted to continue attracting the best minds to work with our team irrespective of the current market conditions.’

Karel Kubat, CTO

‘Collectively, we have some of the most brilliant developer minds working tirelessly to realize our vision. The most impressive aspect of our diverse organization, which inspires me to further push the boundaries of innovation, is our team’s ability to collaborate and converge a variety of expertise to break down some of the most complex barriers of the industry. As a team, we don’t shy away from industry inefficiencies, but rather tackle issues through modular coding. Our recent expansion of the QA department alongside other crucial subdivisions will continue to prove that Composable tech is not only robust but will stand the test of time.’

Zain, CMO

‘Over the last quarter, our marketing team has been instrumental in recognizing and identifying the different thematic points that are pertaining to the infrastructure build-outs and ensuring the community and our supporters are engaged in the ongoing work of Composable at all fronts. When a team like ours takes the onus of developing such critical tech that we believe will be a saving grace for the cross-chain technology that is required for DeFi at large, it is vital that our community can continue to advocate passionately for the project. To that effect, our senior leadership and executive team have been workshopping on how to recompose our vision statement. One which we are delighted to announce encapsulates our full impact and that of our roadmap we are working towards. Composable Finance — Composing DeFi for Mass Adoption. We have a brand refresh that is soon to be unrolled, which is an exciting signal for what is to come.’

Marmite Toast, Head of Product Strategy

‘Product strategy has become a notable and critical part in reconciling our internal development alongside our goals to match with our community commitments. Despite some obstacles in the past, we are steering closer to launching our products with the guarantee that we will be able to deliver our promises, and truly propel modular functionality into the forefront of the cross-chain space.’

Hussien (0xc0dejug), XCVM Lead

‘The XCVM demo in Berlin was a huge success and testament to the work we have been doing as we showcased the first ever CosmWasm smart contract executing cross-chain functions from a non-Cosmos SDK chain (our parachain). I am excited to see how all the pieces fit together within Composable’s tech stack, especially the work carried out by our bridging team that will allow developers to leverage trustless bridging technology for the XCVM.’

0xslenderman, Head of Design

‘Design has always been a foundation in building for our team at Composable. Beautiful design is not just a superficial activity, but it ties together all the code, and the infrastructure as an entry point for users and developers to imagine the endless possibilities that our tech can enable. For that reason, our department is not an afterthought, but intrinsic to the product buildout. In XCVM, our design team has come together to create a composed experience that harnesses the power of multiple ecosystems from one point, where the user is centric and their journey is at the forefront regardless of their entry point. In the larger DeFi product space, there is not enough focus on user experience but that is not something that is akin to our build culture at Composable. Our design team will continue to explore emerging themes, and cutting-edge experiences and collaboratively pioneer a future for DeFi where User Experience is centric on the product. ’

Jeff Smith, General Counsel

‘I have recently joined the Composable Finance team to assist and lead on our legal, compliance, and overall global counsel strategy. In order for the diverse innovations to be recognized for their global and transformative impact, we as a team must be cognizant of the variety of regulatory frameworks that exist and that impact the community, investors, and supporters of Composable technological innovation.’

Rob Zhuang, Head of Product Delivery and Operations

‘The recent development in the product team has brought in a subset of Product Owners to take the helm of the multiple innovation channels that Composable is building out, including leads to oversee bridging, XCVM rollout, and general operations. The next few months are not only critical. Still, they will showcase our diverse product suite as they continue to roll out, ensuring that Composable continues to pioneer holistic and modular products for DeFi end-users.’

Bobafetador, Backend Team Lead

‘I am personally excited to lead our development on JIT bots, exploring the different use cases that we can apply for Mosaic and ensuring that it continues to be more seamless and a bridge beyond the traditional use case. Our team is spearheading not only how users interact with technology but how different tech products can effectively and efficiently interact with each other to bring about new forms of automation and functionality.’

Seun Lanlege, Bridging Lead

‘Our efforts are aimed at achieving trustless code execution through bridging. Centauri has been a forerunner in the Composable infrastructure, which will be another manifestation of our cross-chain commitment. Centauri is a prime example of a trustless bridge between Picasso, our parachain on Kusama, and the Cosmos ecosystem.

Composable Finance’s vision is to abstract complexities related to cross-chain interactions, thus bridging different ecosystems is essential. Through IBC, we’re extending Cosmos to NEAR while also introducing a trustless bridge between Polkadot and NEAR. I am thrilled to be part of a team that has the plan and capabilities of building trustless bridges to every major DeFi ecosystem.’

Antonio, Cryptography Lead and Head of Composable Research

‘Composable research is a new wing of our ongoing effort to ensure we continue to stay abreast of problems that compound DeFi albeit if they are implausible for now. In order to build mainstream solutions that stand the test of time,deep thinking and research must inform how we build as a team. As a passionate cryptographer and researcher, I am honored to be part of a team where research is not an aesthetic afterthought, but treated with the rigor deserving of the space at large.’

Kevin, CTO Composable Labs

‘ Composable Labs develops products and supports developers with services that embody the Composable vision for the future of DeFi. As such, we build for interoperability with modularity, which is ingrained with inherent documentation and clean code. Additionally, we offer grant programs to support anyone to build and deploy on the Composable ecosystem.’

Ahmad, Head of Growth

‘I was super excited to see so many of our community and supporters in Berlin for Unchained. The growth team has sustainably scaled to match the ambition of our vision to ensure that our community continues to be a cornerstone of the innovation and direction that Composable Finance takes in the future of DeFi.’

For more information about Composable and how it is architecting the unified DeFi landscape of the future, check out our socials:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website | GitHub | LinkedIn | Youtube



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