Full Hydraulic Compost Turner

Full hydraulic compost turner machine can be carried out in the open space or workshop greenhouse. It is equipped with cab. In order to save power, auger adopts manual up and down and double sprocket and double chain drive.

According to the principle of aerobic fermentation design, It effectively mixes and stirs organic raw materials and bacteria,like sludge garbage, straw, livestock and poultry manure. Under aerobic conditions of organic matter decomposition, the bacteria can fully play the role in organic fertilizer composting.

This machine is operated by one person, using of auger(machete, rotating knife shaft) to move on the pile. Full hydraulic crawler-type compost turning machine adopts auger shaft hydraulic lift design. Through hydraulic operating system, the machine can adjust balance automatically in working the patented design of the hydraulic lifting of the dragon shaft. Through the hydraulic operating system, the hydraulic system automatically adjusts the balance even if the ground is uneven. It does not affect the normal operation of the compost turning machine. The system can adjust force evenly of walking wheel, reducing damage in the process of shock in a way. Turning the shaft can automatically adjust the lift, according to organic fertilizer production needs. In addition, the shaft height can be adjusted at any time to meet the different circumstances of the organic raw materials, turning the materials