Hydraulic Auxiliary Wheel Compost Windrow Turner

This compost turner machine is similar to hydraulic auxiliary crawler machine. The only difference is that it adopts wheel design. Therefore, it can be used on flat ground. Because of four wheels, it can turn and move freely. For example, the worker can easily go forward and backward. If it is off center of the pile, the operator can adjust the moving direction in time.

Application of Hydraulic Compost Turners 
This organic fertilizer composting making machine can be used for most of organic fertilizer fermentation before organic fertilizer granulating process.

Raw materials:
Animal manure: pig manure, chicken manure, cow dung, horse manure, rabbit manure, etc.
Municipal sludge: river mud, sewage sludge
Industrial waste: vinasse, filter mud, vinegar dregs, cassava dregs, candy pomace, etc.
Household garbage: food waste