The Compound Ecosystem: Fund Partners

Calvin Liu
Compound Labs
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3 min readAug 10, 2018


At Compound, we’re building an Ethereum protocol that establishes pooled liquidity lending markets governed by algorithms that optimize borrowing demand and lending supply. Our goal is to become the interest rate layer for token assets, allowing any type of user (individual, hedge fund, or application) to earn interest, or borrow tokens, while maintaining instant liquidity.

Today, we’re announcing a number of strategic partnerships we’ve formed with top financial institutions from across the crypto financial markets landscape. This core group of 26 Fund Partners includes high-frequency trading firms and market makers, OTC trading and lending desks, and multi-strategy hedge funds. Alongside our investors, our partners will be working closely with the Compound team up to and through our launch, testing our protocol and providing feedback as well as committing initial liquidity.

Compound is extremely proud to announce strategic partnerships with the following financial institutions:


Multi-strategy crypto investment, lending, and consulting firm | Cambridge

AlphaLab Capital

Algorithmic crypto trading and market making firm | Singapore


Provider of liquidity management, OTC trading, asset management, and advisory services | New York

Amber AI

Diversified crypto trading firm offering a range of fully-integrated institutional services | Hong Kong

Apollo Capital

Actively managed, diversified crypto fund of both liquid and non-listed assets | Melbourne

Blockweather Holdings

Crypto fund specializing in long/short trading, options, futures, hedging, and pre-sale ICO investments | Honolulu

Cambrian Asset Management

Firm managing liquid digital assets and making early-stage investments in blockchain projects| Mill Valley

Cluster Capital

Distributed crypto investment firm deploying strategic capital into both pre-ICO projects and liquid crypto assets | Global

Cryptolab Capital

Crypto asset hedge fund combining academic research and realtime blockchain analysis to generate returns | San Mateo

Crypton Capital

Crypto fund focusing primarily on algorithmic trading of cryptocurrencies | Melbourne

Digital Asset Fund

Open-ended fund investing in protocols, small-cap digital assets, and ICOs | Sydney

Formosa Financial

Platform providing custodial, brokerage, and risk management services for crypto asset holders and blockchain projects | Taipei

Galois Capital

Crypto hedge fund using market-neutral trading strategies, primarily in the OTC market | San Francisco


Quantitative crypto asset manager specializing in proprietary trading and market making | London

Genesis Global Capital

Affiliate of Genesis Trading offering large-size borrowing solutions for institutional market making, hedging, and speculation| New Jersey

Ikigai Asset Management

Crypto hedge fund investing in pre-ICO projects and executing both systematic and fundamental liquid trading strategies | Los Angeles


Investment and advisory firm specializing in emerging blockchain assets and startups | Hong Kong

Magnet Capital

Crypto hedge fund operating a long-term value based strategy | Sydney

QCP Capital

Multi-strategy crypto trading firm with an OTC trading desk, treasury management solutions, and market-making operations| Singapore

Temple Capital

Market-neutral crypto fund porting traditional quant strategies to crypto markets and optimizing them with reinforcement learning | San Francisco

Wyre Capital

Crypto fund launched under Wyre Inc., a blockchain payments business, investing in decentralized finance infrastructure/applications | San Francisco

Others — Confidential

The remaining fund partners have requested to remain confidential at this time. We are grateful for their support, alongside the partners above.

We’d love to work with you

If you’re passionate about or interested in crypto financial markets, please reach out! We always enjoy connecting with teams building, investing in, or exploring decentralized finance.