Alice in Cryptoland

A very merry unbirthday to you, if you were lucky enough to get in early on the Defi and NFT craze

Jesse J Rogers
Mar 18 · 5 min read
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Oh, so you want to know how it feels to turn a $100 investment into $60,000 within 30 seconds, do you?

Well I wish I could tell you. I really do. But alas, that train has left the station. It happened in the blink of an eye, and most of us missed it.

I knew about it though. Yes I did! I could have gotten on. But oh no. No, I didn’t. I missed it. I missed it just the same as you.

A minute, an hour, or a hundred years too late, it doesn’t matter. Late is late! That was my fate. No different than yours.


Well, My Neighbor Alice was on it though… shall I at least tell you of her?

Yes. Yes! As we wait for the next train that’s precisely how we shall pass our time together!

Go ahead and sit down, don’t be shy. Let me pour you a cup of tea and tell you tales of a very strange little wonderland called Defi and NFT’s.

What’s wrong with me, why do I prattle on like this? Oh, I guess some might say I’ve gone just a little bit mad after missing out on this last one. Ha! But don’t listen to them. Be a dear and pass me a lump of sugar, won’t you? We’ve so much to discuss, you and I. Who knows when the next train to the moon is coming, we may be here a while. Or our very own unbirthdays might be tomorrow.

Either way, we’d best be ready.

My Neighbor Alice

I got your attention by tickling your FOMO bone, just like Yahoo did to me. But let’s put this in perspective.

Yes, the price shot from $.10 to $60 almost instantly, but because it happened so fast there wasn’t much room for skill. Whoever was able to buy at $.10, that was all simply luck.

Price chart

So you can relax for having missed it. The truth of the matter is that this game hasn’t really even started yet. Literally. It won’t even be on steam until Jan 2022, assuming all goes well.

And I can’t wait until it is. My Neighbor Alice looks so adorable. It’s like animal crossing, Farmville, Minecraft, and several others rolled up into one game that uses a blockchain for buying and selling in-game items called NFTs, which I’ll elaborate more about in future articles.

For the moment I’ll just say that if there’s one thing the crypto space needs right now it’s a woman’s touch. So welcome, Alice.

Only 10–15% of crypto investors are women right now. Hopefully a game like My Neighbor Alice can demystify crypto and bridge the gap. We need for more of you — our mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters — to enter a space where you can take part in building intergenerational wealth.

Speaking of which, last night I finally got my mother-in-law set up on a Coinbase account. Don’t get me wrong, she’s freaking out that the $200 she originally put in is down to $180 today. Sigh. But at least she’s in now. Granny’s next, imma teach her to HODL!

But at any rate, what is this Defi thing? Which projects are worth paying attention to, and which aren’t? What are the use cases for these things?

“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?” — Chapter 1, Down the Rabbit-Hole


The best article I’ve written so far about decentralized finance focuses on a coin called Algorand. I have a ton of faith in the long term prospects of this project even though the tokenomics are still not optimal yet.


My post popular article about Defi was actually about a joke coin called $HOGE. This coin is extremely new and ultra speculative. If you love memes, our HOGE Army pushes some of the dankest, so visit to find out how to sign up. Just don’t go wild and get a billion coins by taking out a kneebreaker loan from the mafia. That would not be in the fun spirit of HOGE. You’ll need to be able to hold through the wild swings regardless of whether the price soars or plunges without caring very much. Therefore, if you get involved, be sure to only use play money. This is supposed to be a fun little hobby kind of thing that might — might — pay off big if you HODL and cumulate the automatic staking rewards. But for goodness sakes don’t go treating this like your retirement plan.


One of my long term plays is a bet on, which is launching its mainnet (it’s own blockchain) in the next week. They’ve already crossed the 10 million user mark and in the years to come this could go parabolic like Binance. Unlike $HOGE, my favorite meme coin, this thing is no joke.


If risk isn’t your thing, and receiving something for nothing is more your speed, then maybe Pi is for you. The Stanford team of developers is only in phase 2 of development, so you can’t yet trade the coins but you can earn them for free. They already have 10 million users mining Pi on their phones (no extra battery use), so that’s a pretty significant project based just on the size of the user base.

It is invitation only, so you’ll need to click this article for your ticket to the party.

If you’re new to crypto, be sure to read the article below before you do anything else.

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Jesse J Rogers

Written by

Transform ourselves to transform the future. Reach me

Compounding Interest Podcast

We are a community of academics, investors, and entrepreneurs that publish

Jesse J Rogers

Written by

Transform ourselves to transform the future. Reach me

Compounding Interest Podcast

We are a community of academics, investors, and entrepreneurs that publish

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