Hoge Finance Announces Listing on BigONE Exchange

What the global reach of the top 25 exchange will mean for Hoge Finance

Jesse J Rogers
Compounding Interest Podcast
4 min readApr 10, 2021


Post from official Hogefinance Twitter account

“One of my goals for future AMAs as well is to kinda introduce our team to the Hoge community… I never would have imagined 4 or 5 weeks ago to see this level of talent.” — Jrocko3 (Operations Lead)

The latest Discord AMA that also dropped on YouTube last night is available below. In this article, I’ll summarize my main takeaways.

  1. As has been previously discussed, the Hoge Finance company is being formed by early investor Marp All, with the assistance of Hance Legal and the Hoge Core team. That entity is now able to enter into some limited contractual agreements even though it is still awaiting final registration within the French legal system.
  2. The Hoge Core team had an agreement with BigONE exchange ready to go as their top choice because Asian markets are showing excellent volume and investment. BigONE has deep penetration into Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian markets. BigONE is interested in developing a strong partnership with HOGE and has been very supportive.
  3. Part of the support BigONE will provide includes two trade pairs rather than just one (USDT/HOGE and ETH/HOGE), several days of promotion on the main website, multiple articles written about Hoge in tech magazines & newspapers, translation services, and promotion by Asian influencers.
  4. At this time HOGE is unlikely to migrate to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Some in the community keep asking for BSC integration because it would significantly reduce gas fees and would give a temporary price boost. However, the reason for this decision is that if two systems are interacting then any legal regulation on one system exposes the other to the same regulations. Therefore, being on BSC…