That’s Great, You’ve Made Money With HOGE… But Can It Actually DO Anything?

Is there a legitimate use case for this new coin, or is it just a rug pull for early buyers to get rich off of later buyers?

Jesse J Rogers
Compounding Interest Podcast
11 min readMar 28, 2021

NOTE: I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice about what you should do or when.

The first time someone told me about HOGE I scoffed, said something snide about it being a scammy gimmick, and concluded my scathing dismissiveness with a sarcastic “what could possibly go wrong?”

But one of the mental processes I’ve worked hard to adopt is to train myself to go back, take a second look at things, and say to myself “Well, that’s your initial thought but could it be wrong? Have you given the counterargument a fair hearing?”

Usually, my mind doesn’t change. But this time? Fast forward only a few weeks, and I’ve not only invested in HOGE, but it now makes up about half of my crypto portfolio. In fact, I’m seriously considering liquidating the rest of my holdings that aren’t already locked up in staking contracts to get even more HOGE at this sub 0.0002 price point.

What changed? In this article, I’ll take you through my journey from a HOGE skeptic to one of the most prolific evangelists in its writing corps. I’ll also introduce you to some of my favorite people in the emerging community.

What is DeFi?

At the start, HOGE simply billed itself as “Doge but DeFi”. Thanks to Elon Musk, anyone who knows what Tesla also knows what the Doge meme coin is too. But what on Earth does DeFi mean?

The best explanation I’ve found so far is from this video by Finematics (no association with HOGE). He does a far better job than I could, so I’m not even going to summarize. If you want to understand how the future of finance is beginning to take shape then you’ll watch this video. You’ve got to understand what’s really at stake before we can move on.