Drooling over Rules as Code

Video of Legislative Drafting Conference Presentation

Learning Drools

Programming Rules, Business Central Drools


Logic Programming vs. Production Rule Systems

\neg ?_:Snuggalupagi :- ?_:Elephant[colour->pink].

Graph vs. Object Data

Defeasibility vs Priority

\neg mortal(Socrates).
modify( socrates ) {

Temporality and Events

Quick Example

// Section 1 (c)
// (c) Dissolution Event. If there is a Dissolution Event before
// the termination of this Safe, the Investor will automatically be
// entitled (subject to the liquidation priority set forth in
// Section 1(d) below) to receive a portion of Proceeds equal to the
// Cash-Out Amount, due and payable to the Investor immediately
// prior to the consummation of the Dissolution Event.
rule "Dissolution Event"
s : SAFE( terminated == false,
company != null,
c : company,
cash_out_amount != null,
co : cash_out_amount )
e : RWEvent( st : safe_type,
st.name == "DISSOLUTION_EVENT" ) from c.events
SAFE_Result safe_result = new SAFE_Result();
modify( s ) {

Quick Notes

  • Oct 29: Stanford CodeX lunch webinar on Blawx (free to join, if you’re interested)
  • Nov 4: Cyberjustice Laboratory (University of Montreal) webinar on Blawx
  • Nov 17: European Commission Rules as Code Blawx demo in conjunction with the OECD’s “Government After Shock” event.
  • Nov 17&18: Guest lecturing for Megan Ma’s course at Sciences Po.
  • Nov 24: Rules as Code session with Canada School of Public Service



A sporadic diary by Jason Morris of Lexpedite Legal Technology Ltd.

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Jason Morris

Rules as Code Director at Service Canada, CEO Lexpedite.ca. Previous: Lawyer; ABA Innovation Fellow; Sessional Instructor; Computational Law Researcher