Rules as Code Diary is Moving

I’ve decided to move the Rules as Code diary away from Medium. For the time being, it is being hosted at

Why Move Away from Medium?

Honestly, the primary reason is that I’m sick of writing blog posts about code in a tool that doesn’t have syntax highlighting, and uses unreasonably short line lengths.

Medium’s writing interface still has a lot to be said for it. But the downside in complexity of using something more sophisticated has gone down as I have become more familiar with the tools of the software development trade. So my new blogging tech stack is VS Code, Markdown, Hugo, and GitHub Pages.

As an added benefit, no one is forcing me to uncheck a check-box that says “can we please charge people to read this,” which I find grating.

All of the posts from Medium (except this one) have been migrated to the new site. There are also three new blogs that are going live for the first time today.

How Will I Know When You Post?

Thank you for asking, friend! You can follow me on Twitter, at @RoundTableLaw and I will try to announce things there.

And, you can join, which is free, and will notify you of new posts however you like. I will send digests of the blog there regularly, and you can follow my account.

Thanks for reading!




A sporadic diary by Jason Morris of Lexpedite Legal Technology Ltd.

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Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Rules as Code Director at Service Canada, CEO Previous: Lawyer; ABA Innovation Fellow; Sessional Instructor; Computational Law Researcher

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