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Rules as Code is a movement in public administration that suggests that the digitization of legislation, regulation, and other rules should happen as early in their life cycle as possible, so as to improve policy design, improve legislative drafting, and massively simplify service automation and building software systems compliant with those rules.

It is an international movement, and it is an interdisciplinary movement. It impacts on people inside government, legislatures, regulatory bodies, regulated entities, academia, as well as technologists, lawyers, and more.

That is a big category of people who don’t frequently bump into each other in hallways. Jameson Dempsey of Legal Hackers recognized a need for a global meeting place for people who are learning about, teaching about, or working in the Rules as Code space. So Jameson and I have worked over the last couple of months to set up, a community forum for Rules as Code.

As of yesterday, we launched it to the public.

It currently features a “Forum” for general discussion, a “News and Events” category for things that become less useful as time passes, as well as a “Knowledge Base” for things that don’t, with categories for software, examples, and publications.

If you are interested in improving the world by digitizing its rules, please head over to and click “Sign Up” in the top right to create an account. That will allow you to set up an email digest, sent as frequently or infrequently as you like, with details on the recent conversations and additions to the Knowledge Base.

Please share this post with people in your network who may be interested, and thank you in advance for your contributions.




A sporadic diary by Jason Morris of Lexpedite Legal Technology Ltd.

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Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Rules as Code Director at Service Canada, CEO Previous: Lawyer; ABA Innovation Fellow; Sessional Instructor; Computational Law Researcher

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