Samsung External Hard Drive — Disconnecting Problems on my Mac

I got given a Samsung external hard drive because the owner wanted a backup thinking it had failed. The strange thing is this was less than a year old and had only been used rarely as a dump drive. Things off the main system would sit there until they had been sorted and archived properly.

The only recent change was this was used on a Samsung Laptop and now they were using it primarily on a Macbook. I tested it and sure enough it was disconnecting after a few minutes on my Macbook as well.

The solution was pretty simple I just went to System Preferences and unchecked the “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” option.

Okay it didn’t solve it completely, it was fine for quite some time on my Macbook but if left idle for long lengths of time it would disconnect. I wasn’t sure why the power saving option caused this problem but if your on a Macbook I would avoid Samsung external drives. Some drives do have a utility to supposedly fix this error but I found it simply doesn’t work.

I still prefer my Lacie external disks and of course my Glyph’s

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