Computer Programming

The Beginning

Computer programming is an art that has been around for decades and is now a massive part of everyday life. First created in 1843 by Ada Lovelace and friend Charles Babbage using a computing machine, those were considered the first computer programs. A local paper was published predicting the invention of computer music (digital music), artificial intelligence, and computer software. Ada Lovelace was the daughter of a famous poet named Lord Byron. On December 10, 1815, she was also born and was an English mathematics writer. Married in 1835 to William King-Novel, 1st Earl of Lovelace was an architectural worker and had three children with Ada Lovelace. Byron King-Noel Viscount Ockham, born on May 2, 1836, Anne Blunt 15th Baroness Wentworth, born on September 22, 1837, and Ralph King-Milbanke 2nd Earl of Lovelace, born on July 2, 1839. Ralph King-Milbanke grew up and became a British author of Astarte: A Fragment of Truth concerning George Gordon Byron, Sixth Lord Byron. While Anne Blunt was known as a lady most of her life, she co-owned a Crabbet Stud company in England and with her husband.

Used it

At the beginning of programming, technology was not an everyday thing; programming was used to create computer programs back in the day. Plankalkül, known as the first high-level programming language, was invented took Konrad Zuse four years, which considering the time it is not that much. He created Plankalkül was that he wanted to develop the computer known as Z1, which happened in 1936 in his parent’s living room. By May 1941, the Z3 became operational and functional program-controlled. Also, at the age of 28, he didn’t want to do routine calculations, so the computer was invented to do the math and never be wrong. Born on June 22, 1910, Konrad Zuse, a German man, was a civil engineer, pioneering computer scientist, inventor, and businessman. He was once married to Gisela Brandes with five children, three out of five still alive, the oldest in their mid-seventies and youngest in their early sixties. Programming was mainly used for calculating numbers and making everyday life simpler back in the day.

Today’s Uses

The act of programming has changed so much in the many years since it was invented back in the day. It was only used for calculating numbers and making the computer. Nowadays, we use programming from many different things and in many other places, from walking down the street to working or school. Also, from the QR codes people scan nowadays to access employment, school, information, or even a menu at a restaurant. Also, from somebody’s every morning coffee maker to digital camera, programming has evolved and is used nowadays. As well as the way we view entertainment from the way we view movies through platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Being able to watch a sport without beginning, they’re in person through the tv, laptop, iPad, phone, and many other ways. It’s also changed the way jobs are needed from fewer factory workers because we have machines and fewer people who need to check people out at grocery stores. After all, we have to self-check out. We can do it ourselves to robots that serve you food so that you don’t have a waiter. Programming now has made-ups and downs. Many people like the direction we’re going, and many others don’t, with robots going to take humans over and going back to how it was before.


Like many things globally, programming has its ups and downs, benefits, and downfalls. Many great things have come from programming like cell phones, video games, the web, and much more. It has also supplied more jobs and business and economic benefits. Like how it’s very flexible to work in many different locations. It is a decent paying job with the lowest salary for the United States as a programmer being around 55k, a bit under six figures. It’s also an important skill and knowledge to understand and know because so much of today’s day-to-day activities and the world are circled being automated. It also helps by creating what does not exist and using the computer and machine’s efficiency and accuracy power to make and develop other things. Those are some, not all, of why programming is beneficial and why we need it today.


Previously mentioned above were some of the benefits and reasons why programming is essential and its downsides. Even though nothing can be black or white, there’s always a grey area to it, but some of the downsides that come with programming are the long hours sitting on a computer, which can cause health conditions and can affect posture because of sitting in a chair for long hours which can cause back issues. As well as mental health and stress levels from sitting for too long. Sitting at a desk for too long for many years without the proper care and awareness can also come undernutrition, carpal tunnel, muscle strain, and more. Some of the downsides to programming for the programmers but it also affects the world with the amount of environmental waste this industry produces, from heavy metal to toxic chemicals related to humans, animals, crops, and many more. That affects the circle of life. It is dumped in landfills for years and can contaminate water, etc.

Programming Mistakes

Programming is the act or process of writing computer programs. It has been around since the late 1840s and will continue to become even more critical as the years go on. But with years of programming came many mistakes and lessons learned from over the years, which has made us advance in programming and as will happen as years go on. Many mistakes are worse than others, but all — from the programming mistakes made from beginners to common mistakes still happening these days to advanced programmers to huge company-wide mistakes that affect many people. But from these programming mistakes, there are many chances to learn from them and have precautions so that those mistakes aren’t commonly made. This is how programming has evolved so much since the 1840s from learning by making those huge and significant or more minor mistakes.

Beginner Mistakes

Programming is complicated and not simple to learn. Many beginner programmers make some mistakes that are commonly made, and when you discover them, it’ll help you for years to come. Beginners make one common mistake focusing on different languages and concepts instead of first learning one language and concept. The reason is that trying to learn and understand multiple things at one time is a waste because it’ll result in you knowing less about the things you were trying to learn. Instead, choose something you want to learn and stay focused until you completely understand it, just like the programming languages PHP, Python, or Java. Another common beginner mistake is memorizing codes in programming rather than understanding why the code works. It is helpful to learn valuable bits of code and remember the essential and core functions in the language you use. But understanding why the code is used is most important. Those who are taught the concepts of understanding rather than memorizing things have had better problem-solving and cognitive skills. The reason is they’ve learned how to evaluate, investigate, analyze, make comparisons, remember, and communicate, which will help you with programming because problem-solving is a huge part of it.

Common Mistakes

Novice Developers, advanced experts, and many more programmers have made mistakes when it comes to programming, some they’ve learned from and have not done, but some errors are so commonly made that so many do on a day today. One of those mistakes are programming mistakes commonly made are not naming variables very well, like abcd or abcd_down. The reason is are you going to remember what the variable you named “abcd” means, or what that function called “abcd_down” is supposed to do or dose. Also, if you were trying to modify or remove a bug in the code, you would be at a loss unless you could read the person who wrote the code. Another familiar mistake programmers make creating too large or too small functions. This is important because if you’re working with a group on coding, you want it to be readable and understandable for everyone. Like how if-else statements are shorter but understandable, but how to let a, b, c= 50; is harder to understand than if it was let a ;let b ;let c = 50, and vertical. These are some mistakes that programmers commonly make and have to learn from.

Company Mistakes

Mistakes are every day and affect fewer people than someone might think, but when large corporations and companies make mistakes, it affects more people. Like when the AT&T network went down on January 15, 1990. This is important because over 50 percent of AT&T’s network crashed in just nine hours; about 60 million calls went not answered. This caused AT&T’s network to crumble, and the several hours it remained down created a financial tumble. Another corporation mistake was in 2003 at St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is important because a software glitch in their system accidentally killed 85 hundred people. On the good side, no one was dead, but the damage was already done. The control of ensuring continued healthcare coverage was messy and a lot of extra work, which are some of the mistakes that companies and big corporations have made and have learned from them and have made precautions so that the errors don’t happen again.

Coding and programming have many different lounges and concepts. No one person can know everything and be great at it. Beginners, experts, and everyone in between makes mistakes even if they’re common every day, beginner level, or colossal corporation mistakes. It happens, and when it does, people learn from them, like how AT&T didn’t let the company go down after the fall of 1990 and is now one of the top phone carriers still today. Also, how Therefore to be the best, you have to get up and retry even though it might feel like you’re going two steps back every time.



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