Update on Semesters at College

I have been studying Cisco suite of courses at College for the last three semesters. This has kept me very busy as there is no much to learn and quite challenging however, I have decided that this is more my forte than java programming, html, css and javascript. My major interest is in cyber security and networking so my intention is to complete all the Cisco courses to enable me to graduate as a Network Security Systems Engineer.

I have completed Cisco Introduction, Cisco Routing and Switching and Cisco Routing and Switching Scaling Networks. I have still to do Cisco Connecting Networks and Cisco Security.

I have read various pieces on the internet about employment in this field and have discovered that there is a shortage of these professionals, in particular there are only about 5% of females compared to over 30% of males, and that some successfully employed personnel earn in the range from $120,000 up to over $230,000, so I am dumping the programming subjects in favor of cyber security and networking.

I know that being a successful movie star like Leo DiCaprio and earning millions of dollars makes my dreams of earning a quarter of a million dollars a year, pale in comparison, but we are all not as talented as that beautiful man who is a wonderful philanthropist for endangered animals and an activist for preserving the environment, as well as an Oscar winning actor.

Hopefully when I have completed my current studies and have a successful career in my chosen field, then I too can become a philanthropist for prevention of cruelty to all animals both domestic and wild as well as actively pursuing environmental issues.

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