Applications Platforms and different types of Software

Baseer Hussain
Mar 27, 2017 · 3 min read

Today I will talk about applications or software programs which we install on the computing devices to enhance their compatibilities. Applications are the types of programs which perform specific tasks for the users. We can install new applications, update an existed applications and as well remove the installed applications from our system. Now, let’s look for the different platforms and different types of the software applications.


Platform is simply a hardware on which Operating system and all the other applications run. There can be three kinds of platform applications.

  • Desktop platform applications are kinds of applications which can run on the desktop Operating systems like macOS, windows OS, Linux OS etc.
  • Mobile platform applications which run on Mobile Operating systems like Androids OS, iOS, Blackberry OS etc.
  • Web-based platform applications are those types of applications which run online or we can simply say that these applications are a types of cloud computing.

The following figures shows the above mentioned three different platform applications.

Figure: Desktop Applications
Figure: Mobile Applications
Figure: Web-based Applications

Different Common types of Applications

There can be huge numbers of applications available today and these applications are classified into the following major types.

  1. Productivity Softwares
  2. Collaborative Softwares
  3. Utility Softwares
  4. Specialized Softwares

Productivity Softwares

These softwares are used to do special productive tasks for users such as writing documents, managing personal information, giving presentations, storing data, and sending e-mail. The following Table shows different kinds of productivity softwares, their purposes and their examples.

Table: Different types of Productivity softwares

Collaborative Softwares

Collaborative softwares help people communicate and work with one another, and it helps computers share information. The following table lists the collaboration software types, their purpose and examples.

Table: Different types of Collaborative Softwares

Utility Softwares

Utility softwares are basically not in the Applications category because these don’t do anything directly for the users using computers. Instead, utilities help keep the computer running smoothly and help manage and distribute files. The following table shows different types of utility softwares, their purposes and examples.

Table: Different Utility Softwares

Specialized Softwares

These applications are designed to do specific tasks for specific peoples. These can include software for people in professions such as computer-aided design (CAD), medicine, science, and finance, as well as games and entertainment applications. The following Table shows different kinds of specialized softwares, their purposes and their examples.

Table: Different types of Specialized softwares

This was all about the application platforms and application types and their uses with examples. I hope that you have enjoyed the reading.

Thanks for your time…!!!

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