System Hardware Component: Power Supply the Laptop adapter

The system hardware contains one further basic component that help the system to work. That is the Power Supply.

Power Supply

Power supply is that component of the system that provides the power/electricity to the the entire computer system. As the whole computer is an electronic system and the electronic system always need power to start and maintain its functioning in a proper way.

In the desktop system, a power supply is a metallic box which contains the transformer, capacitors, wires and diodes etc. and it converts the power in AC (Alternating current) to the power in DC (Direct Current) because the components in the system require only DC current for functioning.

Figure: Power supply of a computer

The power supply takes a 110 V or 220 V AC supply as input through its power plug as shown in the above figure and then it converts it to different range of voltages as for the requirements of different components in the system. The output of the power supply contains several connectors that provide the power to their respective components. For example, the power connector of 24 pin is used to provide power to the motherboard and it is also called the P1 or ATX connector, the 4 pin PATA or the SATA connector is used to provide power to the hard drive or the optical drive and the 6 pin connector is used to provide power to the PCIe where different expansion cards are attached. Similarly other connectors are also used for different connections as shown in the below figure.

Figure: Different connectors of the power supply

Laptop Adapter

A laptop doesn’t have a power supply inside the case that converts power. Instead, it has an AC adapter that works same as power supply does and it provides the power to the laptop. An AC adapter converts an AC voltage to DC voltage, step it down and then the motherboard forwards the power to each component in the system which requires power. Similarly the DC voltage can also be stored in the battery of the laptop which is a kind of dry battery source and this provides the power when the AC adapter is not connected to the power source.

Figure: Laptop AC adapter

This was all about the power supply and the Laptop adapter.

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