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4 Financial lessons from HIT TV show Billions

One thing about CBS Showtime hit series, Billions is its intriguing and intoxicating storyline and characters that takes viewers deep into the world of hedge funds and financial markets.

The series starts with an introduction of ruthless US attorney, Chuck Rhoades vying for justice through a relentless pursuit of billionaire hedge fund lord, Bobby Axelrod, the founder of a hedge fund firm named Axe capital. For the first four seasons, Axe is loathed and pursued by Chucks, but it gets interesting when they both share a common interest in the person of Dr Wendy Rhoades, who happens to be Rhoades’ wife and also Axe Capital’s in-house psychologist.

Beyond the intense cat and mouse rivalry between these two powerful characters, the drama series holds lessons on financial markets, investment, portfolio trading strategies, ambition, power, and money, which makes it relatable and captivating. So here are four financial lessons we can learn from the tv series:

Take calculated risk

To watch Billions is to learn to be a risk-taker like Bobby Axelrod. Before he agrees to investment, he thinks ahead about what those actions will create and use it to his advantage. It’s safe to say he sees everything when he is invested and he knows how to align all the pieces together.

Chuck Rhodes also once said “ calculation is not to be scoffed at. It’s a tool. It’s a tactic. And I use it proudly and often.” In essence, learn to take calculated risks and that is done by carrying out due diligence and you plan your investment accordingly.

Do a thorough research

A lesson you’ll quickly pick up from watching billions is that knowledge is power. Success in a hedge fund is ruled by what you know and using that to get ahead in your business. As an investor, you should apply the same principle, seek out information and use it. Carry out thorough research on the commodities you buy and the investment platform. Only carry out an action based on your conviction which can only come based on your own research.

Understand that time is money

Time is a valuable commodity. With every tick of the clock, you either make or lose money. And this is a currency that is often traded in the series because timing is associated with the performance of funds. In technical terms, the value of the money you have now is not the same as it will be in future and vice versa. Hence, it’s important to know how to distinguish between the worth of money related options offered to you now and in the future.

Bet on sure things

One of the important lessons we picked from Billons is to always bet on things you are sure of. Never buy anything if you are not sure, just because anyone said it will double is the most stupid buying done. Besides, like any other investment, remember that it pays not to have all your eggs in one basket.

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