Introducing AFEX Trade Finance Note: Middleman in Trade

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3 min readAug 22, 2022


When you think of commodities that you use in your day-to-day lifestyle, such as corn, wheat, cocoa, etc, they involve a lot of local and international trade. However, in the production and purchase of these commodities, there are financial gaps in the value chain that hinder the farm-to-table process for everyone and limit the smooth flow of import/export or local trade.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has also further deepened the global scale of trade and heightened risk to the global economy, which has more than ever created a need to hedge against present and looming inflation.

This is where The AFEX Trade Finance Note can help. This timely availability of finance/funds ensures the effective and effectual flow of trade.

What is the AFEX Trade Finance Note?

The AFEX Trade Finance Note (ATFN) is a new product on ComX that ensures the smooth flow of finance in trade. This is an instrument that seeks to provide the crucial lifeline in form of pre-export financing to exporters of commodities and ensure that these exporters can fulfill the export contracts they have.

How does the AFEX Trade Finance Note work?

For example, imagine a chocolate company that wants to buy cocoa from Cocoa farmers domestically and internationally, the company is aware that it will profit more if it buys directly from the farmers, however, it has no funds to buy. The AFEX Trade Finance Note will provide finance to facilitate the transaction, thereby acting as a middleman. This act will ensure a smooth flow of trade as well as create a win-win situation for both the company and cocoa farmers.

What are the benefits of the AFEX Trade Finance Note?

ATFN serves as an opportunity for you to build your net worth within a short while. The Trade Finance Note is available for N10,000/per unit with an ROI of 4.6% interest rate and a tenor of 120 days. These are some of the benefits you enjoy when you invest:

· It is a perfect hedge against inflation

· It takes care of the concerns of both domestic and international trade.

· It protects profits from fluctuating currency exchange rates.

· Additionally, trading on ComX means you have access to transparent and low trading costs to help you hedge against inflation.

· It takes away both the payment risk and supply risk in an export transaction.

How to Trade it?

Follow these easy and simple steps to invest in the AFEX Trade Finance Note:

  • Download the ComX app, Find the Android App here, Find the iOS App here, Sign Up at if you haven’t.
  • Sign up and set up your account
  • Click on “Fund your wallet”
  • Click on “Market”
  • Click on “Order Book”
  • -Select “Fixed Income”
  • click on “Spot”
  • -Click on AFEX Trade Finance Note
  • Scroll to sell orders and buy as many units of the ATFN as you want.

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