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#MyComXStory: A Beginner’s Guide to ComX

Today, we shine the spotlight on a new ComX user, exploring her journey so far, and her interest in building her wealth. This chat with Ido Ibiok, a lawyer from Akwa Ibom, makes you realize everyone has a different use for ComX.

How did you find out about ComX?

I came across the platform through a friend who told me about a digital trading app where I can invest in agro-commodities.

When did you start investing in ComX?

Interestingly, I joined ComX about a week ago, and I must say it’s fun and interesting learning how to diversify my portfolio and how commodities trading work in general. I look forward to the period when I get to watch my money grow.

What ComX feature is your favourite?

The button that says, “Start Trading”. I mean that’s why I am on ComX in the first place😄

How has ComX helped your financial journey?

Prior to joining ComX, I had little or no knowledge of the investment or commodities market, but with ComX I have been able to commit to investing and yes, I can say it’s a great step for me towards accumulating wealth.

What do you spend most of your income on?

Funny enough, Savings. I sincerely love to save.

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