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#MyComXStory: Commodity trading is simple once you wrap your head around it

Renae is the Administrator of the Money Ladder community on ComX. In this article, she shares her investing journey so far and how it’s important to be intentional in the market.

How did the idea of investing and growing wealth start for you? Was it accidental or deliberate?

It was deliberate. I was in my second year studying interior design and I had a friend who studied finance, one day he was telling me about the stock market and I had no idea what he was talking about. After googling it, I decided I wanted to learn more. Fortunately, I got a job trading forex at a hedge fund and got the opportunity to be mentored in private wealth management.

How long have you been investing with ComX?

I have been an investor on ComX since September 2020.

Can you talk a bit about your experience with ComX so far?

I’m enjoying my experience with ComX, both as an investor and promoter. My knowledge of the agricultural sector in Nigeria and Africa is growing and so is my money. It was a great decision to sign up on the platform and invest.

Would you describe commodity trading as complex or simple?

It’s simple once you wrap your head around it. Money is made by selling higher than you bought. You can follow market price updates to know when and at what price to sell.

What’s one thing you love about investing? And investing in commodities particularly?

That would be capital growth…lol and also that it’s a form of self-care. Specifically, I would say agricultural commodities because you make money off food that you eat.

Do you have an investment rule?

Yes. I take a passive investment approach with index trackers and ETFs because of their broad diversification and low costs. My portfolio is ESG, impact, and sustainability-focused.

How does ComX fit into that rule?

ComX has the FETC. As an instrument, the FETC is ethical and falls under ETFs. Though it is actively managed, it returns great — 68% last year. It reduces my risk and requires no management from me.

Who do you think are better investors? Men or Women?

It all comes down to emotional control, strategy and discipline. The better you have those, the better investor you are. So both sexes can be great investors.

What’s one thing you would tell people about investing today?

If you’re not already investing, get started asap. Even if it’s a tiny amount. You’ll build your confidence investing and also build a foundation for long-term wealth. Your future self will thank you. If you’re already investing, keep going!

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