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#MyComXStory: Invest for the future from what you make today

Today, we talked with Olafadeke Akeju, a Managing Partner, WYS Solicitors, and a Gaming Regulatory Specialist. Prior to signing up on ComX, she had no knowledge of how the commodities market works. Her experience so far has been exciting and her nuggets on investing are something you shouldn’t miss.

How did the idea of investing and growing wealth start for you? Was it accidental or deliberate?

Investing was deliberate for me. I have always been an avid saver and the next natural thing to do after saving is to invest my savings cautiously.

How long have you been investing with ComX?

I started investing in AFEX in 2018/2019, long before ComX launched. It was only natural for me to sign up on ComX when the trading platform kicked off.

Can you talk a bit about your experience with ComX so far?

To be honest, investing with ComX has been insightful and educative. Prior to engaging with ComX, I had no knowledge of commodity trading, especially in the agricultural sector. ComX’s newsletters are a treasure trove I look forward to reading. The more you read and interact on the app, the more you gain knowledge on the goldmine in the commodities sector.

Would you describe commodity trading as complex or simple?

I have gained a lot of knowledge about commodity trading but I would not say it is easy. You need the information to do it right and the AFEX team does well in providing guidance and information. The mistake you’d make as a newbie investor is to enter the space without prior knowledge of how it works.

What’s one thing you love about investing? And investing in commodities particularly?

I love that my money is working for me with minimal (but informed) effort and my fund grows into wealth gradually. Don’t we all? I especially love knowing that Nigeria and indeed Africa are contributing significantly to world trade through agriculture. It also appeals to my preferred class of investment.

Do you have an investment rule?

Invest for the future from what you make today. Make an informed investment choice that appeals to your risk appetite.

How does ComX fit into that rule?

This is dicey. ComX investments are part of my retirement fund. I started investing in one commodity and have grown my ComX investment into a bouquet of commodities in consonance with my informed risk appetite.

Who do you think are better investors? Men or Women?

From my observations, it seems men tend to invest more than women. However, most women make better investment choices than men. I have seen a growing interest in investment and wealth creation in more women in recent years perhaps with the rise of financial literacy. Most women are cautious investors and don’t take as much risk as men do

What’s one thing you would tell people about investing today?

I would say invest in financial literacy and start investing as early as possible. I consider myself a late bloomer when it comes to investments as I focused more on saving. I look back and wish I had the knowledge I have now 15 or 20 years ago. Perhaps, I’d be retired already.

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