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What you need to know about the 1kg package on ComX

If you are counting down the minutes until you can invest in agro-commodities for as low as N200 per contract on ComX, well the moment is here! ComX 1Kg package hits the platform on October 1st.

Back in 2020, when ComX by AFEX graced our app stores to democratize the complex business of commodity trading by promoting simple, and easy access to alternative investment using commodity contracts, investors like you and I could only participate in the wealth making process through the entry-level of N18,000/N20,000 to 100kg per contract size.

However, starting from October 1st, 2021, ComX has bulked up its platform with a range of deals to help investors with low-risk tolerance access greater returns by investing in commodity contracts for as low as N200 per kg. If you are wondering if the new feature is beneficial to you, read our breakdown below and let it guide your investment journey.

What is the ComX 1kg Package?

The ComX 1kg plan is designed with two things in mind:

1. To drive an inclusive, low entry-level, and profitable investment community towards alternative investment options.

2. To make it easier to trade on ComX to make it a lot easier to trade on ComX by reducing the size of our commodity contracts from 100kg to 1kg per unit.

What this means for an investor like you is that a commodity like Maize, Soybean, Sorghum, Sesame, Ginger, Cocoa, or Paddy rice that was formerly sold at N20,000 per unit at 100kg would now sell at ₦200 per unit at 1kg.

This feature gives you a low-cost option to gain returns on ComX and meet your short and long-term investment goals based on your risks level.

How does the ComX 1kg works?

It’s simple: to get started,

- Download the ComX app, Find the Android App here, Find the iOS App here, Or Sign Up at if you haven’t.

- Sign up and set up your account

- Fund your wallet

- Please wait for the announcement on our social media platforms and seize the opportunity.

To learn more about trading on ComX, click here

What are the benefits of the ComX 1kg package?

The good thing about the ComX 1kg package is that it is tailored to the needs of the first-time investor and younger professionals who want to make greater returns on investment. Interestingly, the N200 for 1kg means you can get started immediately and grow your portfolio on ComX. Additionally, trading on ComX means you have access to transparent and low trading costs to help you hedge against inflation.

Don’t have the ComX App just yet? Find the Android App here, Find the iOS App here Or Sign Up at



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