What your favorite celebrity says about your investment game

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3 min readOct 20, 2022


Almost every day there’s a battle on Twitter between Celebrity FCs, especially those in the music industry. If you’ve found yourself defending one, then you’ve become a member of their FC, remember, solidarity forever!

Meanwhile, ever wondered what your favorite celebrity says about your investment game? Read on to find out.

Tiwa Savage

If you are a Tiwa Savage fan, then you must give an “I am here for a good and long-time” vibe.

You approach your investments knowing you are not in a rush. Hence, you go for investment opportunities that grow steadily and with medium risk. You make sure to properly understand whatever you wish to invest in. Your portfolio is one to envy as it is diversified, mixing its risks so well and you give it quality attention.

I am guessing your ComX portfolio has a good mix of FETC, Trade Finance notes, and some single spot trading. Just know that when awards for most consistent investing come by you don’t have to drag for it. It is your birthright. You earned it.


Being new to the game doesn’t stop you from being extraordinary at what you do. Though recent to investments you have studied previous people’s approaches, so you know your Do’s and Don’ts. When pyramid and Ponzi schemes come your way, the only thing you have to say to them is before you use me, I go use my sense.

You take on big investment risks that have people wondering if you can keep up, but guess what? Consistency na your game! Chief Spot trader, we hail thee Agba of spot trading!


As a Wizkid fan, you are never caught shouting outside, you answer with your money. Everyone knows your story, how you had faith in investments knowing it will help you in the future. Now you can proudly do “Lagos today London tomorrow”. Taking and making big moves at every turn. We think your favorite investments will include but not be limited to the stock market.

Above all you understand the market dynamics, so you don’t yield to pressure, “And I never worry ‘bout what the next man says, and I keep it so cool, keep my mind real sane.”


One-time tiri gbosa for the Trader wey sabi. You put your money where your mouth is, and you preach the good gospel of Investments to your family and friends. We rise by lifting others is your all-around slogan.

Your investment risk is high as you are ready to take up newer and underexplored areas. You’re probably one of the first people to diversify your investment game with commodity trading. You understand the pros and cons of investing and so you’re aware that you may either come by loss or gain.

Never afraid to learn and always humble enough to teach newer investors the way. You’re loved by all, and any beef is one-sided.

Burna boy

Your significant feature is that you’re unpredictable and so is your investment game, the good thing about all these is that whatever you invest in always delivers. So, no one can say anything about what you choose to invest in no matter how controversial it may be.

You’re not anybody’s mate, and you know it. “The way I see it, everyone plays their own role in the world, and no role is more important than the other” is your mantra.


The ultimate aim is to groom people on their investment journey. Overtime you took steps that led you to the top and now you’re bringing up investment gurus.

Critics think you’re proud because you always have little to say but the energy to put in work, so here’s your answer “Won ni mo proud tori mo mope hustle mi sure fun mii’. You most likely have a blog or a small community of people you’re coaching currently.

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