What’s your favorite money love language?

Love is in the air; can you feel it?

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This is the time of the year we publicly or privately wear love like an amour; it could be for self-love, self-care, fostering relationships with family/friends, and loving others.

A solid fact we’ve established these past years is that everyone loves to be loved. We often get confused or lost in demonstrating the form we want love to take. Hence, Gary Chapman’s popular book from the nineties, The Five Love Languages. In this masterpiece that almost everyone has adopted, he figured out that most people fall into five categories regarding how they prefer to express and receive love.

We at ComX can predict your money love language by how you feel at the different stages of investing. The five love languages of money are Words of affirmation, Quality time, Physical touch, Acts of service, and Receiving gifts. Don’t know what yours is? This write-up will tell you in 3 minutes.

Words of Affirmation

Your favorite time is when you get updates about your investments, and we reassure you that cultivating a healthy money mindset is the right way to boss up. You love receiving and giving tips on how to maintain high money energy. However, we understand that the most satisfying news to you is the email “Your Investment has matured.” Also, we know you preach the good news of ComX, and that’s top-tier behavior!

Mantras to keep in mind and repeat daily to yourself:

· I do not need to go into debt to keep up with my peers. I’m already worthy.

· I have what it takes to grow/increase my money to create the life I want and desire.

· I build my wealth so my family can feel comfortable and supported.

· I am open to learning everything I can about my financial decisions.

Quality Time

Do you go through your investment portfolio about 6x a day? Just checking out how the investments in your portfolio are doing.

You likely have the desire to keep a higher balance in Investments. You feel secure and “loved” by allowing investments to stay with you in your portfolio for a longer time; word has it that the Fixed Income is your favorite.

Chances are, if your partner’s money love language isn’t quality time, it can cause disagreements over spending versus savings/Investments. Also, once you’ve found the one investment that does it for you, you divert all your money into it.

Physical Touch

Physical touch = Physical Cash. You enjoy counting and recalculating your portfolio’s return on Investment (ROI). You can easily calculate 6.2% of #103500 without the help of a calculator. The reward of your money has to come to you as physical cash before you’re entirely elated. Lastly, this cashless economy does not fly with you. How can you not enjoy the crispness of money in your soft palms?

Acts of Service

You feel most loved when your partner, friends, or family members do things for you that take a chore off your hands. “Thoughtful people” get you emotional.

Things as little as reminding you of a goal you had set for yourself give you butterflies in the belly. So, when it comes to money, your love language may include random Investments in your name and extra cash to get your wants.

This Valentine’s Day, the act that would light up your day and make you 100X brighter would be either paying for you to learn better ways to earn higher or binge-buying sorghum on the ComX app. In the spirit of #ComXdeyfor you, we would be available to answer any question on wealth creation and be your personal financial buddy for life.

Receiving Gifts

Almost everyone who has acts of service as their love language has this as an addition. If you feel most loved when you receive a tangible item, receiving gifts tops your love language list. We all know that when you invest in a product on the ComX app, its equivalent quantity is in a warehouse.

Hence, if you’re most happy when you receive investment opportunities from loved ones or when you receive an ROI, then this is your primary financial love language.

Remember, these money love languages are great ways to identify where you fit in with your finances. So, which is your love language?



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