Reasons to Become a Gun Owner

Self Defense

This is hardly going to be news to anybody but, in a list of reasons to own a gun it has to be mentioned. No tool is more potent than a firearm in a situations where your personal safety or the safety of loved ones. Owning a gun does not imply you are eager to use one, in fact most gun owners sincerely hope they never need to use one for protection. For many it is just about preparation; many people put first-aid kits in their house for emergencies, not because they want to practice medicine on their family members. Sometime the greatest thing a firearm can provide someone is peace of mind.

Teaching Responsibility

When a parent brings a gun into the home it provides an opportunity to teach responsibility. A lesson on gun responsibility has gravity to it, it’s more than telling your child they are responsible for their homework. Teaching children about firearms helps them understand they should respect guns, not fear them. Now, some people will think “Dummy, you don’t have to teach them firearm safety if you don’t allow guns in the first place.” Unfortunately, that would be like trying to keep your child from knowing about PB&J’s because they have a peanut allergy. They wouldn’t actually be prepared for the world outside of their own home. With early exposure to firearm safety your children can keep themselves safe at home or at a friend’s. You can’t assume other gun owners are taking the necessary steps to keep their firearms out of a child’s reach. Watch the video below on teaching your children firearm responsibility.


The primary reason people choose to become a gun owner is for personal protection. Most of the time you won’t be actively using your firearm to protect yourself, so how do you justify the cost? Simply put, guns also happen be a great source of entertainment. In fact, it is widely believed shooting guns is addicting because of the dopamine released while firing your weapon. Much like other extreme sports shooting guns will make you excited, focused, and help relieve stress. Here are a list of some fun activities that involve shooting guns:

  • Range Shooting
  • Quickdraw Contests
  • 3 Gun Competition
  • Skeet Shooting

There are many more recreational activities to take advantage of and, depending on the firearm, ammunition can be very cheap. Go to the site below to learn more about gun recreation and how you can participate.

Learn Something New

As adults we often find ourselves automatically going about our day-to-day activities, it is too easy to lose our student mentalities. It can be difficult to find things to stimulate our minds and interrupt the cruise control. Picking up a new set of skills is one of the best ways to bring another level of fulfillment to our lives. Becoming a gun owner opens up a vast world for anyone looking to immerse themselves and learn something from the ground up. There thousands upon thousands of different types of guns to learn, and that just scratches the surface. For the gun enthusiast there are powder loads, grain sizes, calibers, and a hundred other details that makes the world of guns deep and wide. Watch the video below to watch how to do reloading at home, just one new thing to learn related to the gun world.

Guns Stop Burglars

The majority of us are lucky enough to live in neighborhoods where we feel mostly safe at night. Some of us won’t even lock our doors when we go to sleep tonight. This sense of security is a blessing and a curse that comes with living in the United States; we don’t think something bad will ever happen to us. Most people who use a firearm in self-defense expected it to happen, then again expectations have never stopped anything from happening. According to the Center for Disease Control guns were used to scare burglars away from homes 498,000 times in 2013.

Did we miss any great reasons to become a gun owner? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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