Behind Our Latest Concept: Instamap

Social media, is part of our everyday life. The question often times comes in, how can we use these platforms for good — how can we help shape what it can be used for?

So we decided to turn one of our favorite social channels, Instagram, into our personal playground.

We are creatives…and we like to travel…AND we like, no, love, finding DOPE spots where ever we go.

Most times we find ourselves looking for ways to support brands the very few brands/companies in our local area that we think deserve more time in the spotlight.

Enter the more specific dilemma, how many times have you gone to a new city and picked up a city guide, with great excitement, only to be let down by the lame or “too touristy” options presented.

And hey, it’s 2017, city guides are still the most effective way to let people know about the cool places in a city?

Well…we think not. Here is where I curious minds led us.

What if there was a way to connect the dope spots, creatives (and well, frankly, everyone) should know about, but through social media.

The key, people are already doing their searches on Instagram, so we’ve found a way to do utilize that and take them around some of the top cities in NC.

How you might ask? Well, you’ve just got to get yourself prepared for our launch and the post giving the ins and outs of our process.

Join us on launch day: 8.21.17

Stay up with us and help us build a new kind of community: