Let the writing be

A ritual of creation

Adolfo Ramírez Corona
Concepts Against Reality
2 min readMay 4, 2024


A cup of coffee and a pencil on a table, cenital view
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I come with my coffee in hand to the empty table. That’s the magic of self-service cafeterias without waitresses — tables are a territory to conquer.

I drink a sip and let it rest on my tongue before I swallow it and let it run to my brain.

The first object on the table is my cup.

I open my bag and begin getting out the tools for intervention: usually, my notebook, my keyboard, a couple of pens, and my headphones. Other times are the laptop, a book, or the Kindle, a fidget.

The ritual begins with a deep inhalation of expectancy and hope.

“Let the writing be.”


First, I prefer reading the previous days in my journal to invoke the muse. She likes words — reading and writing are different sides of the same coin. While reading, I often find something to comment on the previous day’s writing, and that ignites the fire.

Other days I already have an idea, emotion, or just a phrase to light on the paper with my pen. Occasionally, I prefer to begin typing and listen to the keys beat a rhythm.

But once the recapitulation, review, or taking out of emotions finishes, there is this instant of emptiness, this blank space, this white…



Adolfo Ramírez Corona
Concepts Against Reality

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