Graphic Design Principles — Balance

When it comes to design, you could get all sorts of definitions for the term “balance”. It could break down into linear scale:

It could be alignment:

Or even symmetry:

But balance in a design doesn’t need any of that to be balanced. A design could be balanced by being unbalanced!

The idea is to arrange or design a document to create a visual pattern in order to create or keep a balance using line, shape, position and colour. Generally the balance could flow in a horizontal, vertical or radial layout but again the idea of balance is not always so typically structured.

The best way to see if a design is balanced is to observe and see if the design tips over in any given way.

Using grids or the idea of symmetrical and asymmetrical positioning is a great and easy way to plan and produce a design with balance but more often then not I find that balance pretty much comes down to a designers gut instinct.

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