Trump, and The Famed Wall

This was the signature promise for 45. He began his presidential campaign by depicting Mexican immigrant as criminals; and now this week, he took the first step to make the promise of the wall come to life.

Quite frankly this might be one of the most controversial moves by a president since the decision by George Washington to trade with the British empire after the revolutionary war. The building of this wall, or the continuation of the existing wall between the two countries is going to cost American taxpayers billions of dollars. Mexico will not be paying for this wall at all. Mexican President Enrique Penā Nieto trying to save his approval ratings is now engaged in a battle of wits with 45. Responding to questions about a payment plan, the Trump administration is now proposing a 20% tax increase on imports from Mexico. This will only allow for the cost of products to go higher. You might as well enjoy your avocados, and coronas now. Not only will this tariff tax increase costs, it will also be a lot harder for our products to go to Mexico.

Trump is not doing himself any favors. He and his supporters are only thinking of the now, and now the future. Just like how the search for WMDs led to a chaotic middle east, and the creation of ISIS; this infatuation with a wall may lead to the US being completely left alone in all aspects of the world. Carnage isn’t coming from Mexico. We in the US, create more than enough problems for ourselves. Chicago, and Flint are just two examples.