Our World Is Run By Sociopathic Gaslighters, and It’s Destroying Humanity

But can we face up to this inconvenient truth?

The hardest task we get given growing up in modern society is to take what we have learned while young and see if it holds up to scrutiny in the real world. What tends to happen instead is we cheat. We stick to our sense of how we think the system works using our available perception. It’s a comfortable, simple, and stress-free way to live. We develop alliances with those who share the same views. We pour our hearts into noble causes that align with our values. Life is glorious. Ignorance is bliss.

But without having to recognize opposing views, perspectives, even reality, we end up in a dangerous bubble, and when someone outside it challenges one of our million assumptions, we can’t face the idea that we may have been wrong all that time. This is now harder than ever to accept because of how we absorb knowledge in the modern era. We suffer from information overload, creating perpetual cognitive dissonance, either rejecting new information that conflicts with our existing beliefs or creating a new existence where both truths coexist.

As kids, we believe the lies our parents tell us. The great deception of youth, as Caitlin Johnstone points out, is Santa Claus, and finding out our parents have been lying to us for years gives us our first taste of how things maybe aren't what they seem: “What the hell? What the hell is this? Some freaky psyop run by your parents, just for kicks? And all the other parents are in on it too? And Hollywood? All those movies and TV specials about Santa were just lies? How far does this go?”.

The problem we now face in the misinformation age, however, is that we also lose our ability to think critically early on in life. Since we’re constantly told that everything is organized, accurate, and as it seems, we quickly reach our “Santa limit”: where we no longer pursue deeper and darker truths.

The system, as you can imagine, keeps suppressing everyone’s Santa limit to a low level for a reason. The big reveal, the big hurdle we have yet to overcome to bring about “revolution” is accepting that “the system” has not been built for our benefit and not by the people but by the super-rich. Most of us settle for this, not because we’re ignorant or naive, but because we have yet to accept that a few individuals in society remain demonstrably corrupt, immoral, and evil, and will do anything to gain power and wealth, whether that be starting wars, “accidentally” poisoning people’s water supply, or sacrificing animals to “save the planet”, just to add another zero to their bottom line.

Most people don’t believe this because rational human beings don’t think like the elite and the super-rich. Normal people can’t fathom how another human could trade one, a few, or a thousand lives for a million or a billion-dollar payday. Yet, we’ve seen this in real-time, time after time. The elites have managed to exploit every possible domain from the military to the financial system. In 2008, the megabank monopoly collapsed, but the state rewarded the financial elites with a bailout and huge bonuses when they should have gone bust. In 2016, America dropped over 26,000 bombs on a variety of poor countries including Syria and Yemen, and it’s still happening today. Since the elite thinks it’s normal to trade human life for profit, America’s war machine never stops and withdraws.

What sparks us to go beyond our Santa limit could be discovering phrases such as “technocracy” and “plutocracy”. We may have binge-watched our way to the dark side of YouTube. We may have accidentally downloaded an edgy Illuminati book with a weird, badly designed front cover on Kindle Unlimited. But whatever the spark, we start to believe that we could be ruled by elites who have sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. Only then do we rip off the bandaid in our minds and finally understand the bigger, scarier picture. We finally solve the conflict in our minds and begin to challenge the status quo to uncomfortable levels.

We start to identify conflicts of interest everywhere. We realize GameStop only helped Wall Street and the “democratization of finance” was a lie. We realize there’s no reason to be in the Middle East. We realize people from war-torn countries are not the enemy the media and the government tell us they are. We start to question the whole damn thing.

We are taught that journalism is about exposing the truth. We are assured that because there are laws, the people in power must abide by them. We are told that politicians and central banks serve the people. We are persuaded that going to university is the best opportunity. We are informed that modern science, healthcare companies, and the pharmaceutical industry have “The Science” settled and have cured chronic illness.

Right now, “the masses” — perhaps the most condescending way to describe the very group of people you’re trying to liberate — believe everything above to be true. But this is far from how the real world works behind the scenes. To challenge the narrative and the status quo, let’s plant the seed.

Instead of corporate journalists exposing the truth it’s their job to report a version of reality that distracts people from the super-rich owning majority stakes in all the top media corporations that own every major news channel, newspaper, magazine, and radio station, that have the greatest influence over every component of society, from elections to what food “the science” deems healthy. If journalists are meant to expose the truth, most real journalists will end up getting outlawed and de-platformed because the media's job is not to inform, but to entice, misinform, and confuse us so we come back for more.

Politicians and central bankers virtue-signal about noble causes without caring about the underlying inequality or issue while gaslighting citizens to the extreme. Janet Yellen has pledged to solve inequality while receiving multi-thousand dollar bribes — in the form of speeches — from the megabanks that help exacerbate wealth inequalities. Al Gore said New York would succumb to rising sea levels. He lied and became a multi-millionaire. Almost every career politician has amassed million-dollar fortunes despite only having modest salaries. These are the ruling class who hold all the power, who run the country, who we need to believe serve the people, not themselves.

The pharmaceutical industry is not designed to cure your chronic disease but to only manage symptoms. Physicians must prescribe medication to meet their quotas and tick boxes not to create healthy patients, so they can’t treat symptoms with diet, which has been shown to reverse various diseases. Most of us can’t fix ourselves this way because the food pyramid and the sugar industry have destroyed our willpower. Welcome to the disease management system.

University degrees become more worthless as more students enroll. But from the very beginning, you are brainwashed to believe credentials mean anything when they are becoming less useful each day. Students spend their most important years in adult daycare and come out, aged 25-plus, with almost no real-world experience. They are trained to become a “good student”, a euphemism for upholding the existing academic order. Since the state pays the academic elite to uphold the status quo with no threat of dismissal, nothing changes. No idea, belief, or position that questions consensus will enter mainstream campus discussion.

This is merely a taste, nudging your Santa limit up from low to moderate. If this is eye-opening to you, congrats. You may have that feeling where you want to spread the news, running down the street butt-naked. But here’s the thing. Don’t do either. You will probably cause more self-harm than liberation. You see, most people — compassionate, caring, selfless individuals — will not believe you even if you present them with undeniable proof. It goes against everything they know; the belief that everyone in high-ranking positions of power, the central bankers, the politicians, the agency officials, and the media moguls want the best for us and won’t screw us over to maintain power, status, and wealth.

We have succumbed to illusory truth. That’s how brainwashing works. That’s how Trump won. Most people have succumbed to Stockholm syndrome, and most who do “wake up” turn into Cypher from the Matrix wanting the robots to put him back into the simulation to live a normal life of blissful ignorance. The truth is too hot to handle.

To wake up “the masses”, you’ll need such a big public platform that you must become the media. You’ll need to infiltrate an already-infiltrated state. You’ll need to change the education system from the ground up. You’ll have to warn them while they're young. Then, you’ll have to consider that the media is corrupt, most government agencies are corrupt, academia is corrupt, science is corrupt, fundamentally, the whole system is corrupt. But good luck with a revolution. Not that it couldn’t happen. It’s not impossible, just unlikely.

Let’s face it. Since these injustices have been around for centuries, if everyone that had wanted to wake up had already woken up, they would have done so by now. Henry Ford, a prominent businessman and elite, spilled the beans way back in 1860: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Yet, here we are today. What’s worse is you’ve probably heard this quote before. Most of us have heard it before. Still, no revolution. No system change.

The power is in such few hands that nobody can fathom what a revolution entails. Nobody knows what a post-oligarchic, post-plutocratic world looks like and who’s really running the show behind the scenes. And if someone did, who would believe them? And how would they expose them? These are the challenges you face when your Santa limit goes exponential. This does not mean you must give up and not try to spread the truth, whatever that is to you. Just know that, to the majority, today’s truth about how the world really works is way beyond stranger than fiction, and to find comfort, they will do everything to cling to the status quo.

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