Please help us welcome 10 new Qfellows!

A month and a half ago we asked if anyone in the community would like to share their own token due diligence with the world as a Qfellow on ConcourseQ. We had planned to accept two researchers as Qfellows. We were a bit shocked when over 40 people applied. Based on the quality and depth of the applicant pool, and the fact that we are researching ICOs (wink), we decided to 5x our budget for Qfellowships and accept 10 people.

We are pretty sick of people getting their ETH (and other coins of lesser long-term value) ripped off by scammy, vaporchain founders, and we want a place where everyone can work together to send those bums back to securing the freedom of Nigerian princes via email.

While we do have a first wave of Qfellows set, 10 people can not prune this fraud-kraken by themselves. If you’d like be a part of this project, we offer you a handful of ways to help the community and yourself:

  • Read the research and avoid the scams. If no one has a project on their watchlist, it probably means that it is not credible enough to get researched. If you think there is a great project that no one is watching, hop on our discord and ask why. maybe we’ve missed a gem, or maybe you’ve nearly been had.
  • Make some contributions to the research. Everything you add is going to help everyone else. And when you add, you’ll be thanked at the top of the research page. Readers may also discover your twitter or your watchlist if they see your avatar being thanked repeatedly.
  • Make your own watchlist. Other CQ users can follow which projects you are watching and read what you think about them. Maybe you can be crypto-famous, seperating the wheat from the chaff like frank from cars.
  • Follow other people’s watchlists. No need to waste hours sifting through hot garbage. I do that all day, and so do a bunch of the people we work with. If you don’t like doing that, maybe now, you don’t have to anymore.

Anywho, we hope everybody loves it.


P.S. You may guess this, but we don’t have an ad budget. If you want to support what we are trying to do, please share. We’d appreciate it so much.