A Shaman’s Guide To Embracing Life

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First off, this won’t resonate with everyone. This is not for everyone. This is for those who are okay with me being a walk-in soul. This is for those who are okay with a rebirth of shamanism. And this is for those who want to live the best life they can possibly live. right mutherfucking now. If you want these things, then allow this shaman to talk to you for a bit. Things are not what they seem in this world.

This is gonna get weird but I am a shaman and things get weird around me. I communicate with spirits and beings from other dimensions. I am not a normal person. But I also understand that we live in a non-shamanistic culture where I am viewed as mentally ill or crazy and that’s okay with me. I am not crazy but if we lived in a shamanistic culture I wouldn’t be trolled so damn hard by those who’ve been hypnotized by James Randi into thinking psychics aren’t real. They are. Psychics are VERY real. And so are shamans.

This world was made to enjoy but something got perverted along the way. People chase the almighty dollar to make them happy without realizing they are doing it backwards. Make yourself happy first and then chase the dollars. They will be there OR you won’t even care about money anymore. But you will be happy and you will have learned something about yourself and the world. Learning is cool.

You don’t have to believe any of this and you don’t even have to follow it. This was reality tested by me and that’s what shamans do.

First off religion and media controls you so quit going to church and turn off your tv. They are giving you weird ideas about life and people that aren’t true. Television news engages in fear-based mind control programming to sell you stuff you don’t need. It’s all about toying with your emotions so you just blindly pull out the credit card. TV and religion have you a jumbled mess so to embrace life you have to let that shit go for awhile and just see what happens when that stuff is gone from your life.

If you have not read my essays on television, you may do so. But I have researched and experiemented on myself. Television makes you feel bad so you buy stuff you don’t need, number one. Number two, it hypnotizes you into watching more television and hey mutherfucker you have a life to live so go live it.

You must stay at a high vibration so no negativity whatsoever. If someone is hateful to you be nice. If something breaks or goes wrong immediately launch into the positive aspects of why that thing broke. I say a quote recently and I know not the author.


So something shitty happens and it is VERY IMPORTANT to not bring on more shitty events by making that a shitty event. Detach and make it an “event” just something that happened. Because if you have a shitty event it will start an avalanche of shitty events and next thing you know you’ll have lost your job and apartment and your life will be a disaster. Most people are barely hanging on and this is a case where you can fake it til you make it.


And I really can’t stress how important it is that you stay away from media and religion and junk for at least thirty days until you get a sense of who you really are. If you were raised on TV you are a zombie. Sell your TV and deal with the void. Your reality will start to change. Because reality is an illusion that your soul creates and television has stolen life. Are you pissed yet? You should be. It’s made you accept things you don’t really agree with. Your life is not dull and shitty. It is ripe for adventure and tv paints a picture of your life as shitty so that you need things to fill it up and make it pretty and awesome and smell good. Do the people who run television networks know that reality is an illusion? Probably.


If you drink coffee, alcohol, smoke or do drugs…..stop for awhile. Challenge your addictions. It doesn’t mean you have to stop them forever but drugs and substances change your perception of reality in subtle ways. If you’ve ever met a straight edge person you know they are fucking intense. Straight edge is a person who has rejecting all mind or mood altering substances and lives drug free. Life is very different for them.

When you challenge your addictions, you empower yourself spiritually. For instance, quit caffeine and go through the withdrawals and really feel terrible and awful until you are completely free from your addiction to caffeine. And then go back to it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Constantly fuck with your addictions and watch reality change and morph. Feeling terrible can make you feel good and gaining mastery over your addictions is an incredible way to get into the habit of embracing life.

People say that they cannot function without coffee or cigarettes. But do it anyway and watch what happens. Watch your perception of reality change. Then you can start to ENJOY things again rather than be enslaved by them. And if you ever feel addicted again, you’ll know what to do. STOP. DROP AND ROLL.


One of the ways people control you is that they use the herd mentality to keep you from succeeding. Every person who ever made anything out of their life was considered crazy. From Einstein to Prince to Gaga. So go crazy. Let them think you’re crazy and they will leave you alone and then you will enter a mode of life of being genuinely yourself and when you are genuinely yourself you will start to feel comfortable in your own skin and you will meet other genuine people but while this is going on you might go through a


A DNOTS is where you are sequestered by the spirit world where it’s just you and God hashing it out pretty much. It’s terrible. But it usually happens to those who make rapid spiritual progress and it takes time for reality to adjust to their higher vibration. Life will suck until reality adjusts and that’s a big warning I have for you. A DNOTS can cause you to have suicidal feelings so watch out. By challenging reality and by empowering yourself you are changing the very fabric of who you are. You will basically feel like an angel that’s fallen to Earth. But there’s a way to make this period tolerable at that’s by


This is where you decide to consciously make this world a school for your soul and start treating your life as simply learning lessons. Get the lesson and then move on. View everything with emotional detachment. You’re in school and again you will notice reality changing again and giving you the lessons you need. Before activating this mode realize that this reality is an illusion anyway so it really doesn’t even fucking matter so just relax and enjoy the ride.


All human souls have cocreated this reality we call Earth and as humans, either singularly or individually we can manipulate this reality. But your ego wants you to believe that what you are seeing is real. This is not real. I am not real. You are not real. There is no such thing as humans and this is all an illusion.


It is real and it is solid and it has to appear that way so we can get the lessons to heal our souls. Because when you look in the mirror you are only seeing a very tiny sliver of what you actually are. You are an all powerful multidimensional being who has chosen to have a human expeerience fr whatever reason. You have chosen to have many of these incarnations and they are all happening at the same time. You are a Chinese girl in 1400 A.D. right now and a biomechanoid half-human robot hybrid in 3032. Your soul is also incarnated into alien bodies on other planets and you are all working together. Isn’t that fun? You don’t have to believe it but that’s how it works.

And those who can see through the illusion can truly embrace life and do amazing things and live for their soul. Right now with your forty hour a week job, dog, family and other human things and responsibilities…you might be living for your personality. Your personality is what tethers you to this reality and makes it seem real. You can integrate your soul into your personality so that you start living from your soul rather than your personality.

I recently integrated and WHOA.

In April of 2013 I received a soul transfer where the physical body remained the same but the souls were switched out. I was taken on a spiritual journey and shown marvelous and terrifying things that I have spent the better part of the past two years trying to make sense of. At first I was told I was a psychic, medium, healer and helper because I had no idea what a shaman was.

I was trained by spirits, aliens and multidimensional beings and I was given life lessons and given the express path to enlightenment. I had to burn through the former soul’s karmic debt which included a whole lot of things I won’t mention here but I had to heal his soul and mine and it was like spinning plates. The ability to see through the illusion and yet somehow have to live in it takes skill and mastery and not many shamans to be make it. Schizophrenia is the shaman sickness and the only thing that keeps me from being diagnosed as schizophrenic is that I can function while also knowing that this culture does not accept what I am. Will it ever? Who cares.

I did not choose to be a shaman, but I was chosen to be one at birth by the spirits near where legendary psychic Edgar Cayce was born and raised. During my initiation it was revealed that everything the former soul went through was merely training for my soul to come in and be a shaman. The former soul was a data gatherer and every experience he had gives me valuable insight whenever I am helping someone.

My clients appear to me. I don’t advertise save for having a YouTube channel and this article is dedicated to one special one who got it.


So you’ve turned off the TV and fucked with your perception of reality. What will you do in this human incarnation to help your other incarnations. What seeds will you plant for your future incarnations to pick up on just as your former incarnations helped get you where you are now.

Imagine that in your former life you were a bricklayer that helped build the office building where you now work. That is just one example. Go further. You may have helped build the house you now live in. You may have created the piece of music you now love. These symphonies of incarnations happen without you being aware. But the shaman is aware. Embrace the life you have now.

You are doing a great job.

Much love from your friendly neighborhood shaman,

Patrick John Coleman