A Shaman’s Guide To Emotional Clearing

Living with emotional clarity comes after a process of emotional clearing where you have, to the best of your ability, cleared out every past hurt or trauma and face each day with a newness and joyfulness that can be profoundly life changing. You know what you are feeling and why you are feeling it and emotional clarity can lead you to living a freer more open life with no fear or restraint because you know you’ll be able to handle your emotions whenever they come up. Or you’ll know how to save them for later when you can express them in an emotional clearing process.

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Bottling up our emotions can lead to health problems and mental illness symptoms. Unexpressed and unresolved anger can lead to depression and stress which can affect other things in our lives such as relationships and work. Being in touch with what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling it is vital on the shamanic path and we want to be emotionally clear upon waking each day.

Living with emotional clarity means that the little hurts and traumas that build up over a day’s time don’t amass into bigger unresolved issues. Some of us with a lot of unresolved issues tend to blow up over the tiniest things. Unable to deal with the past things that are really bothering us, we focus on what’s in front of us. Someone cutting us off in traffic or our food not being cooked correctly in a restaurant can throw us into anger or a bad mood. While blowing things out of proportion and getting angry over tiny insignificant things is a sign of something deeply troubling and disturbing within us, we can never get to the core issue because we keep manufacturing new fresh hurts to mask the big huge ball of pain that we feel. We can actively look for things to hurt us or cause us anxiety without even knowing it.

Pain As A Habit

We can get into the habit of feeling pain on a daily basis that we will start to manifest painful experiences to continue that cycle. We will manifest illnesses within the body to further inflict the discomfort and life that we know. Pain is familiar and comfortable to some. They have integrated pain into their life in such a way that they’ve come to expect it.

Overcoming this means owning up to your role as a creator in your own pain. Most people are unwilling to admit any wrongdoing in external situations but the situation on the inside is much worse when the individual is unable to take a look at the time they cheated and hurt themselves. You see this in people who have the irrational need to be right all of the time or those with strongly held beliefs or opinions. Unable to flow with life’s peaks and valleys, they become sclerotic and frozen in time. Soaking in pools of past hurt without realizing that everything can be healed and undone. To the shaman if something can’t be healed it’s there to teach us a lesson. And sometimes there are no solutions to things. Sometimes things are there just for us to cope and deal with daily with no resolution.

The Lesson Of Pain

It would be great if we could all live a pain-free life without stress or worry (and we can but more on that later), but unfortunately we live in human bodies and live in a modern world where hurts and traumas happen to us and they usually catch us unaware. You lose a job or a limb or a lover suddenly breaks up with you. You get diagnosed with an illness or a loved one dies. Your entire conceptual framework of life changes. Living in emotional clarity does not mean that you do not feel the pain of loss. But most of the pain comes from losing the fantasy of what we thought we had.

Nothing can take away the reality of what we’re experiencing. Our lost job or limb is still lost no matter how much we wish that weren’t the case. Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness means that changes are afoot and we might be facing real death issues. Your lover is gone and they are not coming back. A lot of times we don’t want to feel the pain of this loss so we distract ourselves or numb ourselves to the reality of what happened. But the shaman suggests that we feel that pain right there in the present moment and take the time to grieve the loss and let it go in your own time.

In feeling and dealing with this pain we’re actually making ourselves stronger and spiritually hardier. The fact of the matter is that we are wounded only to heal and grow. The shaman understands this. You don’t get stronger if nothing ever challenges you and for every person on this planet life has been only a challenge to meet our spiritual goals. Staying stuck in old patterns and marinating in old hurts means continually facing the same challenges. But in this way the challenges don’t get any easier. In fact, they might get harder and more vicious. The shaman advises to treat your pain or situation as a lesson. What can you learn from the pain? And how can we deal with it in a fast-paced culture where a famous song and pain medication declares “I haven’t got time for the pain!”

If you don’t make time for the pain the pain will make time for you. Unresolved trauma and pain will build up and manifest until you deal with it. You’ll be presented with the same lessons over and over and the same pain in different forms over and over until you’re likely to be laid out in a hospital bed with some unrelated illness. But to the shaman, illness starts in the mind and in the spirit and what’s going on with the body merely a physical manifestation of what’s going on with you spiritually. A shaman heals the mind and the spirit and fully expects the body to follow suit.

Follow The Pain

Pain is a symptom that something is wrong so doesn’t it make sense to find out the root cause? Or do you like feeling the pain? That’s ridiculous isn’t it? That someone would willingly create or manifest pain in their life…and yet for many that is an undeniable truth. In pain we find a thread that leads to a truth about ourselves. Pain is a way of waking us up to what’s wrong so follow the pain. And sometimes we are pulled into other’s pain unaware if we are not emotionally clear. As if we can’t really tell where it’s coming from.

From the person who has road rage to the person who is eating themselves or drinking themselves to death. These people are in a lot of pain. People who have irrational anger or create miserable situations out of pleasurable situations, they too are in a lot of pain. It’s because these people live in a world of pain they must enforce their reality on those of us who do not live in a world of pain. Those of us who live in emotional clarity are an affront to their splintered psyches. Our happiness forces them to look at their own unhappiness and they are not going to do it. Like screaming brat babies these people proclaim: “If I can’t be happy, nobody will.”

So they create drama and problems and situations to serve their view of reality. They will set unattainable goals to prove they will always be a failure. They will get in bad relationships to prove to themselves they will never find true love. They will see bad in otherwise good people because in their pain-filled state good people are bad for them. Their inner reality of pain is projected onto the world around them and if we’re not emotionally clear we can get sucked into it without realizing it.

It’s why it’s important to live in an emotionally clear state so that you can know what your feeling when you’re feeling it because other people want you to feel as bad as they do. And in your emotionally clear state, their madness can’t even touch you.

Emotional Clearing

If you’ve never emotionally cleared before get ready for a rollercoaster ride. During an emotional clearing session you must understand that it will be a process and there will be tears. It will be like peeling an onion and you may not be able to address everything about an issue all at once. Just as the pain was applied in layers, you will only be able to go so deep before the process becomes redundant.

You will be willingly bringing up the pain in your life and feeling it—sometimes for the first time. You will revisit past loves and jobs and places you felt cheated and wronged. You will see the spectres of some really awful things but perhaps you’ve been numbing yourself for so long that the feelings will, at times, be overwhelming. You can do this on your own but if you’re scared of what will come up seek the services of a shaman or a therapist. Even some psychics and energy workers can assist with emotional clearing. For those brave souls who want to do it on their own, you must understand that you will be facing reality and maybe it’s going to hurt.

Understanding your role in creating these painful experiences is at the heart of emotional clearing. The goal is to reclaim your power by not blaming or shaming people into what they did to you. By not placing the reason on external factors you become the creator of your own pain and absolve others of their role in it. Part of emotional clearing is having everything be your fault and you truly go into that feeling that everything was your fault. You freely admit that you fucked up and you caused this by doing that and you can’t run away from your role in creating your own pain. Let it totally 100% be your fault and reclaim your power in every situation. Be strong and admit that no one did anything to you. You are responsible for everything that’s ever happened in your life.

And cry if you have to. Scream if you have to. Feel like a worthless piece of shit if you have to. Hold up a mirror to all your faults and weaknesses and see yourself for who your truly are. Own up to your lies and manipulations. Call yourself names. Feel as badly as you possibly can. Go as low as you can. Feel as if nothing is ever going to work out ever and that your life will be nothing but painful experiences that you create. Go further by imagining scenarios where you create painful experiences. Willingly inflict this psychological torture on yourself. Imagine yourself in heartbreaking scenarios. Get your soul stomped on. Reduce your will to live. Take yourself as low as you can go and cry until you can’t take anymore and then…


Here you are in a raw place. You’re emotionally vulnerable and now you’re a crying mess. You’ve ripped yourself apart and brought up all this pain and dealt with it. And here comes the part where you put yourself back together. There’ll be no one around to make yourself feel better so you’ll have to do it on your own. After making everything your fault, here’s where you forgive yourself of everything. This is your turning point. You are no longer a victim or bound by this pain. This pain shall no longer hurt you.

And if you don’t get total emotional clarity on your first try, go again after some time has passed. When doing emotional clearing, go easy on yourself as you’re releasing a lot of energy and emotion. Go hard on yourself and then go easy. Really get to the root causes of issues. Follow the threads to inciting incidents. Heal by imagining things turning out differently. Choose to stop running away from what’s really bothering you but make it a personal process. Do not tell your friends or family. This is one solitary journey you must make on your own.

Living With Emotional Clarity

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As you do more emotional clearing, you’ll feel freer and more in control of your emotions. You’ll not feel confused about when certain things make you feel a certain way. You’ll be able to emotionally clear on the fly and get back to the present moment in peace. Minor hurts are easily forgotten within seconds and forgiveness of little slights comes so easily. You’ll be happier, healthier and much better off in this state where you know who you are and what you’re feeling. But most of all, life is about balance and happiness and emotional clearing is a great way to get more of this in your life.

Much love from your friendly neighborhood shaman,

Patrick John Coleman

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