A Soul Reading By Sondra Sneed

A couple of years ago, I was contacted by Sondra Sneed, author of the book What to Do When You’re Dead: A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being (you can purchase this book through Amazon by clicking here.

She graciously offered to give me a soul reading as God speaks through her and apparently God had a message for me.

Her story is very interesting and she explains just a bit of it on her website at https://sondrasneed.com/

Sondra Sneed is a Source Communicator, Soul Reader, and Godscribe. After a series of unfortunate events, in 2004 at age 39, Sneed submerged into a year of solitude, triggered by a voice that appeared in her journal.
Though an atheist at the time, the words “Unemployed? It is my assertion you are employed by me,” spilled onto the page, and began a year-long dialogue with the creator of the universe.
Seven years from the first journal entry Source made in her notebooks, Ms. Sneed took dictation again, in 2011. The book, What to Do When You’re Dead; a Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being, is a dialogue with God about man’s path of self destruction and why it’s critical for people to awaken on their path to purpose. The manuscript was picked-up by notable publisher Robert Friedman, (Rainbow Ridge Books), who published Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God series in 1995, and was co-founder Hampton Rhodes Publishing.
Upon Sneed’s book release in 2014, she went public with the ability to allow Source (aka Infinite Intelligence/God), to speak through her. She now travels extensively performing Source Talks and soul readings for live audiences, and private clients.

If a Godscribe contacts you, you better listen. We recorded the session on my videoblog on September 26, 2014 at Myshamanlife.com and I present here now for you to listen to.

She made several accurate predictions and her words guided me through one of the most difficult phases of my life.

I highly recommend contacting Sondra for a soul reading. She pretty much nailed what I would go through and what I’ve yet to become.

Much love from your friendly neighborhood shaman,

Patrick John Coleman

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