Day Two of ‘Two’ — Which ‘Best Life’ Do We Lead?

Do we live for life? Or ourselves? Be sure that life knows the truth behind our individual existences. Because it must experience them.

Today is the 22.02.2022.

The perfect time to continue our journey.

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There are two foundations from which a person can live their best life.

They can live their best life for themselves.

Or their best life for life itself.

And the two motivations could not be further apart.

Jesus — please do not be offended by my use of Jesus here, I am not referring to him as a religious figure, but as someone who lived a certain way — showed us how to live our best life for life.

In our contemporary world there are no shortage of examples and role models educating us on how to live the best life for ourselves.

That is why we have a personal development and self-help industry worth billions.

And a broken world.

You see, these two facts go perfectly together.

Jesus lived a life of conditional expression.

The life that serves life. The life that says ‘no’ to the things which are abusive to our world.

It is the life God — or life — wants us to lead.

We shut life down.

And we did not manage such a feat by putting life and its needs first.

Day Two is brief.

What is our ultimate foundation?


Which is option one.

Or life?

Which is option two.

Remember, life does not care about our individual wants and desires.

First and foremost, it cares about its own needs.

That is what God has been trying to communicate since the beginning of time.

God told us from day one we had the option of choosing two foundations for our expression.


Or ourselves.

The apple?

Or the nourishment and preservation of Eden?

And we were warned our world would end up as it has today if we chose ourselves.

And as we each wrestle with this dilemma he made something else clear.

There are no grey areas.

There is no offset for our excessive demands.

It is a scientific fact that living a life which is kind to our world is most effective and beneficial at the source.

Jesus did not teach us to ‘treat life however you want but be sure to offset your abuse!’

He taught us to be gentle.

If life is your priority, there are no excessive demands.

So, there is little to offset.


Just ask for life’s perspective on your dilemma. ‘Do you need me to do this? Is it truly supportive of your health? Or is this something I want for me?’

The earth must feed us all.

We cannot offset the hunger caused by excess. Nor can we offset the trauma our way inflicts on our world through our pursuit of our perfect individual lives.

Life knows each of us intimately.

Life truly is the great leveler.

It has no idea what a celebrity is.

Or what wealth is.

Nor what it means to be an influencer.

If we ask too much from life, it knows us as abusive.

There is no judgment here.

No self-righteousness.

Just facts.

Life must carry us all.

And its back is broken.

And it was not broken by the poor and hungry.

What are we really to life?

For it is that by which life judges each of us.

It is also an indisputable fact that whatever it is we are doing to life, is not something life enjoys.

You cannot tell me life feels respected and cared for through the relationship we have formed with it.

Our conditional expression is not what Tim Guthrie wants. It is what life needs.

Only by eradicating the things which are abusive to life, can we prove our unconditional love for it.

I will finish with one more reference to Jesus.

He did not ask us to admire and respect him. Nor did he ask us to praise him.

He knew none of these things would benefit life.

He said, ‘Live like me!’

And ‘I am the way!’

That is how we keep life sacred!

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Timothy James Guthrie
Conditional Expression, Jesus and the Revelation of God

Advocate of God and Life. Expressing their wishes for our world, through their contemporary word and new commandment — that we live with Conditional Expression.