God Speaks from the Labyrinth

These are the ‘flowers’ referred to in this article. God speaks about our bodies and how the notion of ‘give and receive’ works from his perspective. How different is the reality we have created, to the reality God desires for himself?! (Audio included for those who like to listen)


Life is not about what you become, nor is it about how much you can accrue in this lifetime. At least not in God’s eyes, and from the perspective of life itself. Nor is the body the barometer of the soul. In fact, the body is, more often than not, the soul’s greatest betrayer. In fact our attachments to this world are murdering life, and inflicting incredible suffering on God. Who says? God says!

(This piece was first published on my website on 20th of January 2021. God has been speaking to our world. Despite the countless Medium articles which debate his existence.)

NOTE: This is not a creative piece. I am not creating a character called God and imagining what God might say. I am reporting word for word the things God said to me on this day.

God Speaks from the Labyrinth.

I waited at the entrance to a sacred labyrinth, in a secret location. I knew I had to enter. It was the moment I had been called there for.

I began breathing deeply as the atmosphere thickened.

As I waited, a butterfly landed on a small flower. My niece Amelia would love that, I thought to myself, fully intending to pick it on the way to the labyrinth’s centre.

So often it is her extending to me the gift of a flower.

It was difficult to breathe or swallow.

I had not experienced such density since a visit to Central Australia several years ago, when the messages I received from God that day reflected the great pain and anguish he experienced at the abuse of our world.

Interestingly, my calling to the place I stood on this day, was similar to the calling I experienced then.

With one last breath, and my hands shaking, I stepped inside the labyrinth.

And God spoke…

‘What you give to me, I give back to you! And with each gift you offer, with each exchange, you will become stronger and more expansive.

But do not mistake my gifts with anything you can attain in this world. I do not reward in this way.

You might take from and manipulate my body to fulfil your wants, but that is not me.

It’s you, abusing me.

How energetically devastating your wants are to me. How destructive your world of personal development.

My life is turbulent and chaotic because you make it so.

So, by all means, make your body strong and flexible. Create a physical bliss in this world. But use it to boast, or promote or flaunt yourself so you can be viewed as beautiful and inspiring, and you will have received all the rewards you are going to.

Enjoy your ‘likes’, for your lot will be limited when we meet.

All you are doing is using your weapon for fame and adoration as a weapon on yourself.

And on me!

A boastful expression is an ugly one.

And it’s mine and yours to keep.

Take what you want and flaunt yourself to the world. Judge those you feel are lesser than you, or who do not meet your standards.

But do all this and you do it unto me.

And the ledger will be squared. Your physical health and strength in this world, and the legacy you believe you are creating, has zero credit in the next.

When you do not want, I am free to give.

And free to provide.

Not react or try to adapt to your relentless abuse.’

On my way to the centre of the labyrinth I did indeed pick that flower for my niece. She is never fussed about the reputation of a flower. Or it’s popularity. Size, stature never matters to her. A wee bit of colour and she is enthralled and enamoured with its beauty.

However, after I did, God made it clear I was to offer the flower to him. To place it at the centre of the labyrinth.

This I did.

But as I made my way out, and as I neared the spot where I first picked the flower, the white butterfly returned, and landed on one of the flowers I had left behind.

It was identical in appearance, but a little larger. I picked it.

And God spoke again.

‘Here’s my gift to you. You see now?’

‘What you give to me, I give back to you! And with each gift you offer, with each exchange you will become stronger and more expansive.’

You see, life, from God’s perspective, was never about what we could take or become.

It was about how much we could let go of, and about how much we didn’t need, to feel peaceful and abundant.

It is through our sacrifices we keep life sacred.

The excesses of the rich and famous, often flaunted by them, and admired by those with stars in their eyes, have never been anything other than abuse to God.

And traumatic to our earth.

There is a reason life is sick, and a reason our earth cries.

And it’s not because we care.

As God sees it, in ruining ourselves and our earth, we are only ruining him.

And so, it is!


The written account of my time in Central Australia can be found here:

When Tears Fall on the Red Dirt

It is Part Three of a Four Part Series of ‘Meditations’, sourced in revelations of God, about how God wants us to care for our world.

Here’s an image from the trip which captured our burned-out world — which is God’s life!

Make no mistake about that!

The beautiful red dirt of Central Australia. The scene of some of God’s most anguished testimony about how abusive we are of his body.



Timothy James Guthrie
Conditional Expression, Jesus and the Revelation of God

Advocate of God and Life. Expressing their wishes for our world, through their contemporary word and new commandment — that we live with Conditional Expression.