‘God Told Me Tell You’ — Abusive Words? Or is the Real Abuse Not to Listen? (Response to Dan Foster)

Life has been communicating with us — if we don’t treat it well, it must suffer. When we engage in behaviour that is harmful to life we do this without life’s — or God’s consent. Life is always aware of our impact, because life must suffer — or benefit - from whatever it is we are.

The catalyst for what you are about to read are words that appeared in a piece of writing by Dan Foster. A prolific writer on the Medium platform.

The piece was entitled, ‘12 Abusive Behaviours That are Unique to the Church’.

The purpose of the article was to ‘call out’ abusive behaviours which often masquerade as ‘noble and good.’

He describes each abuse as ‘unique to religious environments like the church.

The abuse I will reference here and explore further is number six.

This abuse is titled, ‘Claiming False Spiritual Authority’ and what was written appears below.

‘Claiming false spiritual authority occurs when a person tries to add weight to their personal opinion by prefacing it with the phrase, “God told me to tell you…” or similar, so that the matter is not up for discussion. After all, if someone claims the authority of God, saying, “God told me to tell you,” how could you possibly object? Can you disagree with God?

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure that God is capable of providing words to people. However, humble and wise people always preface those words with a disclaimer that allows for the fact that they are human and prone to error. There have been all kinds of atrocities committed by people who have claimed false spiritual authority.’

Now the purpose of this piece of writing is neither to support, nor argue against Dan Foster’s opinion. His beliefs and opinions are his, based on his experiences and understanding.

But, rather, to shine an alternative light on them.

The possibility that someone who uses the words, ‘God told me to tell you’, just might be telling the truth.

You see, this section of Dan’s article was of particular interest to me.

In fact, of a deeply personal interest.

Deeply personal because the words he described as prefacing ‘false spiritual authority,’ words which he then connected to the ‘atrocities committed’ by such people, appear on my website.

And they appear of my own hand.

That is right, the words, ‘God told me to tell you…” — right down to the three dots Dan Foster also included at their conclusion, are right there on my website.

They appear under a section which carries the title, ‘I Listened!’

Which is what I have done for years. Years, I would have to reflect on as the most traumatic of my life — both soul-destroying and soul-defining.

I have done my best to separate myself from the wisdom God has tried to share with us, but I can see that is no longer going to be possible.

I had always hoped people would fall in love with God’s word as I have. Not me, but the message.

Trying to make myself nothing while sharing God’s message has not worked. And it certainly hasn’t served God.

So, I will also use this piece to stand firmly behind the fact that the identity many know as God has been communicating with me, a message not for me, but for all of humanity.

Before moving on I would also like to make one thing clear. There is no false authority here because I make no claim to have any.

I never have.

Since I first spoke of, and published works on the messages God has given me, I have said nothing other than that the wisdom belongs to God.

Which is why few people have taken it seriously.

And to be honest, were the shoe on the other foot I am not sure I would have either. But the world we have created did not come about because we listened to and honoured the messages and messengers God has sent to us.

It is as it is because we did not.

The world we have constructed — that is the mess we are living in now — was built upon personal wants, business and economics and individually-centred thought.

That is why it is in such a mess.

And why the life it has built itself upon — God’s life — is on its knees.

We have put our trust in science — and economics — when only an actioned faith in God’s instructions could have spared life the suffering it is experiencing now.

That statement is not about right or wrong, nor is there a desire to create guilt or shame.

It is just true.

Even the most insightful scientist among us would find that hard to refute.

I have also known the years between now and when I first started sharing God’s message to be brutal and soul destroying for God. Or life, as God can also be known.

This is why God reached out. To avoid the catastrophe our sacred world is experiencing now.

To have had to watch on as our world collapsed, while God’s cries of desperation were rejected, has frequently left me in a state of despair.

Particularly knowing that the life we belong to desperately wanted to avoid it.

What follows will provide some personal insight into my conversations with God. And as we explore them, I will also relate them to the short passage included above.

I mentioned earlier the words written on the conditional expression — or phusion living — site appear under the heading, ‘I Listened!’

Here I surrender authority completely.

I remember vividly the moment I was sitting down to read, ‘The Book of Five Rings’ by Miyamoto Musashi, when God said, ‘Put the book down. No more reading. Your job is to listen.’

This moment had followed one of the first messages God had given me when I knew for certain it was God communicating with me. An account of that can be read here.

And the chapter from the full conditional expression philosophy, dedicated to that message, can be found here.

Read these and you will see just how abusive contemporary humanity has been to life, and in ways we could never have suspected, and by many who present as crusaders when it comes to identifying and calling out the abuse of others.

While on abuse, second only to the energetic and psychological abuse a personal development-fuelled society has inflicted on life are the attacks by the self-righteous on the flawed and broken.

If we had listened to God — or Jesus — we would know this.

It is an ugly expression to attack another personally. No matter what they have done.

Our world loves to name and shame and attack those who do not meet our standards as to what a decent human being is, but this does not work for life itself.

Pointing out what behaviours support life and which do not is one thing, attacking those whose humanity has failed them is another.

But that is how our world collapsed.

It is a ‘my abuse of the world is okay, but yours isn’t — and I will call you out’ kind of world.

Becoming cancer to destroy cancer in a body only adds to the cancer.

That cancer in our modern world is called self-righteousness.

Jesus himself said that one day we would see just how damaging the self-righteous would be to our world.

You see, life does not know who you are attacking. Only that an attack is being made.

You could attack someone for being a male, of a certain race, a member of the LGBT community, a racist or a murderer, or someone aligned to a particular religion.

Your attack is not on them.

It is on yourself, and life.

How could anyone talking trash about another have an impact anywhere other than where the words originated? Which is within the person who spoke them.

And, of course, in the life that person belongs to.

Sure, our feelings can be hurt, but no words from another can ever harm our energetic essence. The ugliness lives elsewhere.

Life does not experience the quality of our expression based on where we are directing it. It only experiences what it is.

When Jesus said, ‘don’t judge others,’ he was not protecting the target.

He was protecting life. Life was the foundation of his love, his teaching, and his life. Not our feelings. And not his desire to be seen as the stick that whacked humanity into line.

That is why he could be friendly to those who lived in complete contradiction to his teachings.

Sure, he taught us to live a certain way, because that is what life needed if it were to avoid the suffering it experiences today, but he did not hate, ridicule or reject someone because they did not live that way.

That would render him responsible for bringing hate into the world. Which he knew meant bringing it into God’s life.

He pointed out that nothing coming into our bodies could defile us — only what went out. An example of which, is the judgement of the self-righteous.

How could a savage and personal attack on any other human being harm that human being? It might hurt their feelings or embarrass them, but the ugliness of that attack lives elsewhere in our world.

In the attacker!

That is why we are asked to leave the judgement to God, or life. A judgement we assign ourselves, in any case, through how we live.

We are our own judges by being who we are. And we cannot change that, even under the banner of moral crusading.

Life does not work to morals. At least not in the manner with which we apply them.

Making life sicker because certain aspects of it are already sick, can never improve the quality of life, for life.

We are meant to limit our own abuse. Not add to it, because we cannot love others as they are.

Who we are is between us and life. And it is the trauma we inflict on life individually that life needs us to give our full attention. Not our capacity for destroying those we do not approve of.

This aspect of God’s message relates to the concept of turning out.

We are what we are in life’s eyes. Not what we portray or believe ourselves to be.

You can read more about turning out here. It is Part 7 of the conditional expression philosophy.

I will now touch on some other aspects of the things God has shared with me.

Here is a small passage taken from the full conditional expression philosophy which was published in 2018.

We are angry, boastful and self-righteous.

The planet is angry, frustrated and behaves as if it has no idea whether it is coming or going.

It’s in an anger stage right now.

It’s tried resistance.

Soon it will make us sick.

Then it will shut down.

And we will have asked for it.’

(Conditional Expression: Making Life Sacred — Part 7: Be and Trust — God’s Contemporary Instruction for Humanity p. 119)

Do those words sound like an abuse of life? Or a defence of life?

Do these words come across as anything other than representative of a life spiralling towards a meltdown?

And this is just one example of what has become years of similar statements, both urgent and despairing in their nature.

And another from the first formal book I published in 2017, and which was sourced in God’s message for our world. This book was called ‘Meditations for Action.’ In it is wisdom to encourage each of us to show greater care for a life on the brink of collapse.

This short passage has everything to do with the damage done to our world because we believe the humanity of others to be inadequate, and that we have some right to abuse those responsible for these inadequacies.

On page 64 of that first Meditations book, I wrote…

‘To love where there is hate is the way we will heal the world. But heed this as a warning: We are a long way down the path to self-destruction already. Love must stand up now, or life as we know it will come to an end.’

(Meditations for Action: Your Full Expression with Love — Meditation 257 p.64)

But we do not love where there is hate. Or even mistakes. We hate, judge, and crucify the flawed and broken.

Many finding great satisfaction in doing so.

Our own sacred humanity, used as a source of shaming and abuse when it fails us. This is not a world built on love.

In fact, if anything, since writing those words, our attacks on those who make mistakes has intensified in its ugliness and ferocity.

Every expression of judgement reflective of the absence of love in our world; every one of them making our world — God’s body — sicker.

No, love did not stand up.

We continued down that path to self-destruction, and life as we knew it, came to an end!

Not because we collectively chose a pathway of love and care for our world.

But because even though all of us knew our world was in big strife, we still pushed on with our abuse, running the life so many of us claim to love, into the ground.

Make no mistake, the suffering that led to life’s collapse is real.

And that suffering is God’s!

Or life’s if you prefer.

And that was what God has been trying to tell us.

There is nothing we can build that cannot be torn down it it fails to honour life. (Photo Credit @joshuabruce)

You will find no abuse of God or life in the words I have shared on their behalf. But there has been much because they were rejected.

Of course, this is not to say if someone went looking, they will not find flaw or error. Especially if one wanted to reinterpret my intentions.

Everything I have taught and written has had no motive other than to preserve the dignity of all life, and to honour God and his wishes for humanity and the earth.

Contemporary humanity has turned to celebrities, scientists, and charismatic personal development teachers to guide us.

Never have we been more educated on how to live.

And yet, never has our world been sicker.

And the only ‘influencer’ we have not given a fair hearing to, is God.

Or life.

The very identity that is suffering is the only voice which has not been heard.

To live a life that genuinely cared for our world was never meant to be rocket science.

Life — or God — needs each of us to live a life which is supportive of life.

No human being, with adequate facilities, is ever going to be denied the capacity to understand the simplest truth in our world.

If we do things that are abusive to life, life will suffer.

Which is why, since the beginning of time, we have been told by God — in various ways and forms — the very same thing.

Put conditions on our expression and demands so who we are is supportive of life and its needs.

‘Say no to the things that would be abusive to me!’

God has told us these things — repeatedly — because it is his life that is being decimated.

It is God’s instruction that we live with conditional expression.

To put conditions on the things we will and will not do, guided by the harm these things are likely to cause life.

That is what an unconditional love for life would do.

And that is what God has always wanted from us. An unconditional love for life.

For him!

And, to honour, through our actual being, the first commandment.

‘Honour no other God’s before me!’

It really is that simple. Who we are individually will either be a positive experience for life — or God — or a negative one.

And with life in the mess it currently finds itself in, we do not need science to tell us that far too many of us are the latter, when viewed through the eyes of life.

Life is telling us through its suffering.

God has spoken to me.

I am not making a claim. Nor am I seeking to defend a message that says we should love life — which I also know as God — more than our individual dreams and desires.

Remember, this is a message I have been sharing since 2015.

I have read that God is speaking to us through the pandemic, telling us to change.

But why would God wait for his own life to collapse before urging us to live differently.

God did not want the pandemic any more than you or I want a stroke or heart attack. Or a complete mental and energetic breakdown.

We have inflicted all of this on life at once. From the inside out.

Because we have never honoured through actions what God told has asked of us since the beginning of time.

Put life first.

His life!

I find it impossible to understand how life could ever work in any way, other than by the actual components it consisted of, existing to its advantage.

Do we really need science to prove to us that caring for life and giving life what it needs, instead of pursuing business, economics, and our insatiable appetite for the fulfilment of individual dreams and desires, was the only way life would avoid the backbreaking suffering it experiences today?

Blessed are those who did not need to see the wounds, right? In our contemporary world this refers to those who loved and cared for our world, for no other reason than the desire to honour life and its needs, and in doing so, held all life sacred.

Not those who have considered change because our world shut down.

Beautifully, the message of conditional expression does not even require us to believe in God.

I ask again, why wouldn’t each of us want to be what life needs us to be?

Whether we believe in God or not.

So, if God was speaking to us and asked us to put the needs of life first, because the suffering it — or he — was experiencing had become so overwhelming that collapse was near, and we rejected this message, isn’t that the real abuse?

Not someone saying, ‘God told me to tell you?’

These words can only be judged with any substance at all if what follows them has been read or listened to in their entirety.

We despise so many institutions and powerful people because they rejected, or concealed the cries for help, of those being abused.

It is a crime.

And it is called concealment.

This is no different to what has happened to life.

If life — or God — is asking for our conditional expression, and we do not offer it, then it is abuse without consent.

Many teachers of God’s word have been destroyed and violated because they claimed God told them things.

And yet our world is as it is because they and their messages were not accepted.

I think, often with despair, at the atrocities and abuse our world has suffered — and continues to suffer — because we do not put its needs first.

Or because we did not listen to those who spoke the words, ‘God told me to tell you.’

In another piece Foster wrote, again on spiritual abuse and which also included the abuse of ‘claiming to speak on behalf of God’, he included the abuse of ‘keeping people locked in abusive relationships.

Do you want to know what lies at the heart of the message I have been trying to share on behalf of God?

‘I am real. I am of physical, energetic, and psychological form. And I am suffering. I need you to stop flooding my life with the expressions and demands that are abusive. I am on the brink of collapse, and if you do not, I am going to shut down!’

Everything at my site can be considered testimony from God as to his identity and how our world was abusive to it.

So not listening to God’s message and rejecting his own revelation has only led to the continued abuse and physical, energetic, and emotional collapse of God.

Not listening to what God had to say has kept him — or life — well and truly locked in an abusive relationship.

With us.

The components that make up life.

Be clear that God speaking directly to our world about how he would like to be treated represents formal documentation of consent.

That is a fact!

I first began sharing conditional expression eight years ago. The nickname for conditional expression is phusion living, meaning, ‘I will try to become a part of life that is nourishing and supportive of that life.’

From the moment God dropped me to the floor — you can read about that here — calling me to service, life for me has been somewhat of a disaster.


Because I have given credit to all I have tried to teach and share to God.

Personally, it is rare that I have felt anything other than broken and inadequate in doing this work.

And to witness the collapse of life — God’s collapse — has been heartbreaking.

Often, I have felt like the boy who cried ‘wolf’. Only that, in relation to God, I cried once and with honesty.

But nobody listened, and the wolf came.

And my how he came.

At the conclusion of this piece, I will share a link to a video I published in November 2019, where I state the care of our world is no longer in our hands.

That it is too late and the things which abuse our world are going to be ripped from it with force.

For the substance of the message of conditional expression, which requires actioning an unconditional love for God and life, I claim no authority. That is the idea of crediting God.

Any less and I would reduce myself to one of the many thieves, masquerading as inspirational figures in our world, who claim authority for the intellectual property and ideas of others, as they set about wowing the world with a cleverness that was never theirs.

To date I have found the role of sharing the message of conditional expression — God’s timeless and unchanging word — a lonely one, mainly because I have credited God for what I have shared.

Or life.

I could share a multitude of conversations where I have shared my doubts and feelings of inadequacy with God. But, without fail when I voice my frustrations at being rejected, God reminds me it is not me who has been rejected.

‘Have you ever claimed authority for your words? Have you ever pretended they belong to you?’

‘No!’ I always reply.

‘Then how is it that you have been rejected?’

In any case, I believe the message that we should put life first to be a beautiful one.

And even if I am completely crazy, that we should put life first — as it wants to be put first — will always remain my mantra and deepest belief.

And one I will proudly stand by in any conversation.

The foundation of my life and my deepest love is not me.

Nor my ‘right’ to receive all that life has to offer.

I want only what life wants.

And here we see the true beauty of being human. We do not have to be perfect. And we do not have to get everything right.

This message might come across as righteous — but it is the opposite.

It is designed to liberate us from our need for life to submit to our wishes and wants, so we can shift our focus more toward giving that same life — the one we demand so much from — what it needs.

Yes, there are times I have been intense and fiery in my delivery.

And this can alienate people. But again, this intensity and fire would be welcome were I defending something or someone they love.

If your child, or someone else you loved were being abused, and I came to report it to you, you would be all-ears, no matter how I delivered the message.

The greatest love of my life —God, or life itself — is hurting.

And I am going to fight to defend them, as they have asked to be defended.

Which is to defend God.

Because that is what I have been asked to do.

But I need no one else to change anything about the way they live. We all have our foundations, mine just happens to be God and the wellbeing of all life.

Some of my closest friends live vastly different lives to me. And they have vastly different lifestyles and foundations.

But there is nothing personal. These differences mean nothing because our friendships are not built on judgement or anyone needing to be anything different.

In fact, one my biggest supporters and most avid readers is a man who has made considerable wealth in the oil industry.

He does not believe in ‘God’, but he sees immense value in what I write and teach. He is not looking to crush or destroy my work. He is seeking to understand what lies at the heart of the message, not catch it out for its human errors.

There are just two other thing I will quickly mention.

Have you noticed something else about this piece?

Given the statement I shared at the beginning it may seem odd.

I have used the words, ‘God told me to tell you…’ without any religious context at all.

One of our biggest mistakes was trying to fence God in by applying labels to the wisdom and guidance he has handed down.

The story of Adam and Eve is not religious.

The commandments are not religious.

Jesus lived, and taught that all should live, a particular way of life. Not a religion.

These stories, lives, and concepts have taught every human being, with the capacity to understand them, the very same thing.

‘For life — God’s life and the earth that sustains it — to feel balanced and well, each of you need to put conditions on your expression and demands. You need to say no to the things which are abusive to life…or life will suffer.’

These instructions never were spiritual or religious mumbo jumbo, they were grounded in fact.

Just as the message of conditional expression is.

It is God’s way of reaching all of us at once. And his way of appealing to each of us as individuals.

‘I need your support and conditional expression! Because I am hurting. Desperately!’

If God is real to people and they claim to love him, then what does it mean if they fail to try to follow the instructions that have been handed down?

Does life experience the proclamations of love, or the mistreatment that comes with not at least attempting to follow the instructions we have been specifically handed down.

Take any physical, psychological, and energetic being, abuse it, and it must suffer.

Again, this is a fact.

My final point is this.

In using the words ‘God told me to tell you…’ I had no desire whatsoever to close off any conversation that might follow.

What God is, what life is, and what life needs is totally up for discussion. I want it to be discussed with urgency and compassion.

If there is a better way to care for life other than by each of us putting life first through our expression and actions, providing what it needs as a priority over what we want — from its perspective mind you, not our individual ones — then I want to hear and explore it.

Again, in 2019, knowing life was in perilous trouble and nearing collapse, I published a magazine called ‘Stop in 2020’, inviting a global conversation about whatever it is we are.

Here is the synopsis of that magazine. At the time, I genuinely believed we might love life enough to pause.

‘The Stop in 2020 initiative is, without a doubt, my most ambitious undertaking to date. I’m asking our global community to pause collectively in order to reflect, and reach common ground, on who we are, what we stand for and what, if anything, are the things we hold ‘even’ more sacred than business, economics and progress. What is it that makes us human? What are we talking about when we speak of our humanity? Are those things we want to preserve — or do we want to eradicate them? And perhaps most importantly, what, in truth, are the things that are life-giving to humanity and the planet? And what are the things that drain us of our precious life force. When we as human beings are burned out and falling apart, we can take a break in order to rejuvenate. Our planet will never have such an opportunity unless we provide it for her. STOP in 2020 invites our world to slow down, and in doing so investigate just how sacred we hold our planet and our humanity, and to decide whether or not we are prepared to do what it takes to honour our world as such.’

As you will see, I did make a mistake in the synopsis.

In it I said life will not get an opportunity to rest unless we provide it. Of course, abusing it to the point where we put it into a coma was also going to give it some time out.

Just like having a stroke, heart attack or mental breakdown will give us some time out.

But it has not really been a time out.

Judgement and hate have risen, and we are hoping vaccines will help us return to the madness that destroyed life in the first place.

Life wants us to rely on vaccines just like you or I want to rely on meds. to keep us going.

It doesn’t!

Yes, that is what we have reduced life to.

But it never wanted it to be this way.

How do we know this?

Because God has been telling us this in one way or another since the beginning of time.

And so, I state again.

‘God told me to tell you…

His world is broken.

Life is suffering.

What we are doing is destroying life.

His life!

Life needs our love and care — not in words but in actions.

Only by doing the things that nourish life and rejecting the things that don’t — by living with conditional expression — can we nourish it.

And so on.

I do not use these words as a cover for abusing the life I love more than myself and have done nothing but try to defend to the best of my broken and flawed ability.

Nor have I used those words to reject opposing opinions or close off discussion on anything I might put forward.

We need global discussion more than ever before, on who and what we are. And how we should be if we are to honour life.

And all thoughts and ideas should be expressed and heard — including those of God!

And, finally, nor have I used these words to claim authority for anything or given them a purely religious or spiritual context.

I wonder what our world would look and feel like if we all lived like Jesus.

I say this only because he is the greatest ambassador of conditional expression.

It is the way of life he lived and the way he taught.

‘Don’t get so attached to the spoils of this world that you abuse it.’

And ‘be prepared to say no to the things that are abusive to life.’

Jesus knew God was real.

That is why he said talking it up was never enough when it came to caring for life. We had to action our care, otherwise life — or God — would never experience it.

And, consequently, would suffer more than was needed.

So, God told me to tell you we need to take better care of life.

Because it is his life.

And that life is suffering!

And that is plain for us all to see.

I invite Dan Foster to read all of my work and make a formal declaration on whether he believes it abusive in any way — spiritually or otherwise. Or whether it is, in fact, a true revelation of God.

After all, ‘humble and wise people’ always allow ‘for the fact they are human and prone to error.’

And, in any case, making generic accusations of others, based on anything they might say, without evidence, is abuse.

An attack on someone’s character without substance.

Here’s a link to a video I posted to facebook on November 11, 2019. In it I state that the care of our world is no longer in our hands — because we have pushed life beyond its limits — and the things that have been destroying our world will be ripped from it. I also declare revelation upon us.

Less that two months later my beloved country of Australia was on fire, as seen in the images accompanying this piece. And not long after that, our sacred world was shut down by the pandemic life continues to suffer from today.

Dan, I wish I was wrong.

But it wasn’t me speaking.

I am just one of the messengers.

With Love to All!


PS No human being can ever deny the one single truth that can be applied to any physical system. If the components of that system — in the context of life that is us -function in a manner that is abusive to that system, the system will suffer.

It is an undeniable fact that if we do not — individually and collectively — live with conditional expression, life must suffer.

Which is to say God must suffer.

For Dan’s full article click here



Timothy James Guthrie
Conditional Expression, Jesus and the Revelation of God

Advocate of God and Life. Expressing their wishes for our world, through their contemporary word and new commandment — that we live with Conditional Expression.