‘TWO’ a Better Life for Life!

Today is 2/02/2022!

It’s loaded with 2’s.

Two is one of the best numbers with which to understand our world.

What it is.

What it needs.

How it came to be where it is today.

And what it actually wants from us.

Beautifully, we have been messing it up so badly, and now, as we have all seen, the shoe is well on its way to the other foot.

Some know this.

Some don’t.

But plenty know, and have chosen to look the other way.

For the next four days — two by two — I will be using the wisdom the number two offers our world as its true nature.

This process has a singular focus.

To identify our world as it truly is.

Sometimes, when I am presenting, things can get intense.

Because the experiences I share with people have the capacity to go ‘there’ if a group is willing.

If anyone were to say ‘can’t we be a little more positive about the world?’

I ask, ‘isn’t this positive?’

‘We are in a relationship with life. If I were in a relationship with someone reading this, and we were in trouble, but genuinely wanted to save it, wouldn’t it be positive to focus on those things, instead of going on a nice holiday and pretending the thing we are taking on holiday is happy and healthy.’

No, we are going ‘there’.

All of us.

Life is the love of my life.

And if we expect one more shot, we had better make it good!

So tonight I end there.

Chance number one?

We messed up.

Let’s kick-off chance number TWO with a stocktake of our world.

See you tomorrow for Round Two!



Timothy James Guthrie
Conditional Expression, Jesus and the Revelation of God

Advocate of God and Life. Expressing their wishes for our world, through their contemporary word and new commandment — that we live with Conditional Expression.