Conference Badge 2.0: A year worth of work

Luis Manjarrez
Feb 23, 2018 · 2 min read

It’s been a year since I wrote about my first week on the job.

It’s crazy how fast time can go by. So to have some perspective and better appreciation of what a year worth of work looks like, I’ve made a summary of what’s been done and improved by the team.


  1. New bigger badge size available: 6"x4"
  2. Lower price of our 4"x3" printed badges (-10.5%)
  3. Ability to customize front and back of the badge.
  4. Make text changes directly in the editor (for spreadsheet users).
  5. Encode any information field into a QR code or barcode.
  6. Reorder printed badges with the touch of a button (Eventbrite users).
  7. Order On-site kits online, both 4"x3" and 6"x4".
  8. New online knowledge base for troubleshooting.
  9. New one-click sync integration with Universe.
  10. Direct toll-free phone support.
  11. Concierge service, we do the entire badge setup for you.
  12. Blog


  1. Automatic emails for quotes requests.
  2. Multiple bug fixes, reduced support time.
  3. Developed a case study section in the website
  4. Redesigned checkout, more upselling opportunities.
  5. Improved our profitability by negotiating better prices from our suppliers.
  6. New marketing strategies: PPC ads (still learning) and banner ads in blog with high pre-qualified traffic.
  7. Two intense work retreats to Italy and Mexico.


  1. We sent out newsletters and promos for the first time in 4 years.
  2. We had our best month in terms of sales, $92k in a October.
  3. Big new customers like InVision, Google and Uber.
  4. Direct traffic orders are catching up to referral ones.
  5. A few companies showed interest in acquiring us. (pure vanity)

What have I learned this year? That you should try ideas constantly and see what works, it beats planning most of the times.

I’m so thrilled to see what year two will be like!

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