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Conference Badge

Create name badges for your Meetup.

You’ve been working hard on building a nice engaging community for, let’s say, event managers in your area. You’ve managed this Meetup group for some time now and you’ve successfully hosted a number of events. People seem to like them and you have organically grown from 5–6 people to a respectable 40–50 attendees per event.

Now you’re planning your first big Meetup complete with a schedule, appetizers and wine, you’re inviting a couple of speakers and getting a nice casual venue for your guests! That’s very exciting, but there’s one essential part of the event you shouldn’t forget, name badges.

I like this quote because it gives the proper importance to name badges, these often neglected pieces of paper that have a reputation of being annoying, time-consuming and sometimes irrelevant.

So, how can I get them done easily and fast?

Ok, so once you’ve scheduled your Meetup and people have RSVP’d, you can download a spreadsheet with your attendees information.

To do this, log in to Meetup and:

  1. Navigate to the event’s page.
  2. Select Organizer tools and choose Manage RSVPs.
  3. Select tools and click on Download attendees.

This will download your RSVP list in a spreadsheet file.

Now, to get started with the name badge creation go to Conference Badge to create a free account.

In the dashboard click on New Event from Excel and follow the instructions.

You will be able to select the kind of badges you prefer. You can get PDF badges, these you can print at home or at your local print shop, or better yet you can get printed badges, these we print, assemble and ship right to your door, they’re great time-savers!

You will then arrive to the theme picker and the badge editor. Here you can add your logo, customize the back, add a background, etc. You can completely customize the badge to fit your Meetup group’s branding.

That’s it! Quite simple and fast. Now you’re on track to hosting a Meetup that brings people together to hopefully create new relationships and projects.

Do you want a 15% discount on your next PDF badge order? Hit me up ( and tell me about your Meetup.



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