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[Context: I work at an online name badge creator company]

A few weeks ago I received a return box from a customer, it wasn’t an ordinary one. It contained lanyards (that’s normal), a mysterious small black box and a postcard with a message addressed to me.

I was surprised, at first I thought it was a mistake or maybe a prank from a colleague. But no. It was a box of delicious artisanal chocolates and a thank you note from a customer who was grateful with our support and service. This is without a doubt the nicest thing a customer has ever done for me.

I kept thinking about that gesture for days.

At the company, we’re always looking for ways to showcase the convenience of our product to people. As many other businesses, we do blog posts, ads, landing pages, etc. Most of that gets unnoticed and that’s normal.

It was during a brainstorming session with the team that an idea popped: “Let’s make a comparison of two people working on the same task, creating badges for a medium-sized event, one using Conference Badge, and the other without it”.

We needed it to be fun, relatable and most importantly, true.

So I started drafting the scenario, the layout of the page, the characters of the story, etc. But I realized one piece of the play was missing… our main character. Who was that? Well, it didn’t take long to think about the event manager who sent chocolates and a thank you note, Shelly.

Suddenly it became easier to develop this, just by thinking about the real life situation event managers encounter everyday while creating badges for their event, I started remembering all the support emails I read, the phone calls I got.

And that’s how this page came to life, the source of inspiration was our very own customer. And what I learned from this is that you don’t need to create elaborate ads or stories, sometimes the best marketing is the authentic one, the one where you just listen to your customers and talk about them.

( Disclaimer: If you’re not an event manager or someone in need of name badges anytime soon, that page will probably say nothing to you, but you should still check it out because it’s nice and I worked hard to do it)

I’m thrilled about this page because I think it’s a good vehicle to continue promoting our service and showing the real value of the product. Let’s hope it lives up to our expectations.

As a side note, I’m curious to hear other stories of nice customers. We usually only hear the nasty side of customer support, but there are some really kind humans out there. Share a story in the comments.



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