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Fact: The happiest countries in the world use this online tool.

We did an extensive and thorough study vis-à-vis the correlation between the use of Conference Badge and the geographic location of the customer.

The results are quite astonishing: The 10 happiest countries in the world, (almost 😜) all have Conference Badge users living in them.

You might be wondering what Conference Badge is or what methodology we used to discover this fact. Well, sit tight, you’re about to find out.

Methodology or Method?

In recent years, there has been a tendency to use methodology as a “pretentious substitute for the word method”.[7] Using methodology as a synonym for method or set of methods leads to confusion and misinterpretation and undermines the proper analysis that should go into designing research. —

In case you didn’t notice this is not a pretentious article, we’ll therefore stick to using methodology. (Wait… what?)

We used a technique known as making-facts-seem-true-whatever-way-possible or MFSTWWP as it is referred to in the scientific community.

We commenced with the next premise: Our online tool highly reduces frustration on a task known to be dull and boring.

The next logical step was to find proof. And although we have many testimonials of real clients who claim to enjoy our tool, exempli gratia:

These guys are AMAZING! I’ve never worked with a site where the folks behind the scenes were so responsive and so vested in helping you get what you need in such a timely fashion.

-Chris Lap (Yale University)

“For a small not for profit organisation — the design element and simplicity of printed PDFs give us the feeling of something of real quality and value and has helped us attract sponsorship and a USP within our sector.”

-Laura B. (UK)

Huge shout out to @ConfBadge for their amazing software that made our nametags this wknd. We LOVE the design. #swcbus

And even though positive feedback like this, could seem like an overwhelming validation, proof needs to be more than that, it needs to be definitive.

So we ditched our unequivocal criticism and started looking for more transcendent data. In other words, something that would make the title of this post more click-bait like.

Every year the same “Happiest countries in the world” article resurges from the archives of the interweb and every year people seem to consume this story.

Thus we made a concoction of sorts of the happy countries article and our customer base, sorted by location. And voilà: The happiest countries in the world use Conference Badge.

It wasn’t as easy as you might think. The list changes every year, a few countries move up or down a few spots, nothing major, but still, we had to find a year where the top 10 countries had people who had previously used our site.

This is our Google Analytics map of users sorted by country:

Conference Badge’s World domination map

Conference Badge

So, what’s this mysterious online tool that happy people all around the world are using? Well, the name is quite self-explanatory. is the easiest and fastest way to create name badges online. We have a neat integration with Eventbrite that let’s you import your attendee info in seconds or you can upload an Excel file with the list of guests. Both great options.

With Conference Badge you create PDF badges that you can download and print on the spot. Or even better, have us print them for you!

Here’s how to print name badges:

  1. Import your attendee information.

Sign up here and create an event by uploading a spreadsheet or connect your Eventbrite account if you’re already hosting the event with them.

2. Choose the product and size.

We offer PDF badges that can be customized to any format you need, these are super helpful if you already have Avery kits.

Or full color 3"x4"printed badges that are shipped right to your door. Already inserted in plastic holders and with optional black lanyards.

Conference Badge screen

3. Customize the badge’s design

Inside the editor you can do a lot of customization, like add/delete attendee info, create different badge types, add QR codes, change font colours, add logos or background images, change templates, among other things.

4. Print badges

Whether you choose to print them yourself by downloading a PDF document or having us print-and-ship, we got you covered. Just click the orange checkout button and you’ll be done.

Beautiful name badges, easy and fast.

You’ll also gain access to the print screen where you’ll be able to create badges on-site for last-minute attendees. Awesome, right?


This is not at all an accurate study, it’s just a good ol’ funny post. Although it is true that customers enjoy using the tool and it really saves time.

Finally, if you find the country on the happy list that’s not highlighted in our domination map, email me and get a 10% discount on your next order.



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