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How iOS 11 will change how we do lead generation.

QR codes have had a rough time getting adopted by the general public because although they’re a great idea, nobody likes downloading an app to be able to read them. In today’s world that’s just… not worth it.

Real-life case:

Person: Scan this QR code to get my contact info!

You: Cool! How do I scan it?

Person: Go to the App Store, choose from one of the thousands of option and install it.


With iOS 11, that’s about to change, big time. Now you can open the native Camera app in your iPhone, point it to a QR code and with a very impressive response time, you’ll get a prompt with a call-to-action.

As a name badge creator company, lead generation was the first thing that ringed our bell. We tried it for our badges and it works great.

I believe this is a game-changer for conferences, trade shows, meet-ups, networking nights and whatnot.

All of a sudden every iPhone owner can do lead generation in a matter of seconds.

Something that really caught my attention is the outstanding responsiveness. Unlike QR scanner apps, where you need to center the camera and try to place the QR code within the limits of a square, with the iOS 11 Camera app a few microseconds after the QR code jumps into frame, boom, it gets detected.

I strongly believe QR codes will reborn from the ashes and will be ever more present in printed and digital media.

In the past, it was mostly big budget conferences or events who could afford to use scanners or custom apps, it was them who benefitted from QR codes.

Then free apps came and more people started jumping in the boat, but now even small gatherings can offer simple lead generation as an added value. This is exactly when technology gets to an interesting point, when it gets ubiquitous and within easy reach.

With you can add QR codes to your badges and your attendees can scan them with their iPhones, without effort. There are no more excuses.



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